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Troop regeneration in the choosing
I recently played the Trolls in a game and found something you may consider changing in the next game version.  As we know the Trolls are supposed to have the special ability to regenerate up to 10% of troop losses.  Unfortunately this special ability occurs after brigade losses are calculated.  This means for any Troll group larger that 10 brigades the regeneration could have either no affect or a very limited affect.

10 brigades suffer 10% losses.  The program reduces the group by 1 brigade and eliminates attrition before regeneration occurs.  The effect is even more pronounced with larger groups.
20 brigades suffer 5% losses.  Again a brigade is lost before regeneration occurs.

This greatly reduces one of the major benefits of this brigade type.  Perhaps in the new game model regeneration could occur before brigade losses are calculated.
That's an interesting point.  While the Trolls will no longer be a kingdom, we have the Healing trait, and some individual brigade types may reduce attrition through regeneration.  Especially true if we do indeed (and Mike is confident on this) have individual attrition, morale, and experience by brigade.

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