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3rd Cycle Updates
From the Pirates Cove, to Druid's Grove
Lay Hidden Lairs, with deadly snares
Secret Oasis, other strange places
Much for musing, in The Choosing

We may still post some things under discussion in Do You Like to be Teased, but will try to give progress updates here.

Having done this rodeo a few times, I know we almost always underestimate time.  But if yours truly can up his own productivity, and Mike doesn't go on a long vacation, I think we might begin our two playtest games about the end of August.  There is still a lot to do. 
Well, if you are pressed by the players, you could actually start a playtest as early as tomorrow!!

Check out the server's new game creation utility program. I updated it yesterday to handle 3rd Cycle games. Since the server has everything up-to-date, we could start an early Alpha test in a matter of days and phase in new features as we move along (much like we did during game 300).

Though I still need to enhance the Order Checker code to handle 3rd Cycle syntax (which will take some time to do) but the players will always be able to submit their orders with the current version in place today (just not verify their orders for any errors).

So I guess I just up'ed the ante and raised you a 3rd Cycle playtest in less than a week... Wink
Tisk, tisk.  We still have plenty to do.  Still lots of characters and places to name, special abilities to spell out, not to mention spells, and artifacts, setups, order changes such as to #920, #971, #600, a few new orders, new tactical choices for kings with certain traits, new recruiting for 30+ new brigade types, new kingdom battle cries and mottos, revisions to other names, finalizing on the traits and customization.  New Rules set for 3rd Cycle, establish new Valhalla for 3rd Cycle, player aids updated as needed.  Those are a few things that come to mind at the moment, but I'm a little tired.
Yes I know but I'm saying that the software is ready to go today if you really want and we could phase in new features as the test game progresses. Game 300 went smoothly that way. We can add new spells, flavor text, character names, ...etc. at any time while the game is running so that won't be an issue.

Actually, I've already created a test game #500 using the server's new utility program for 3rd Cycle and everything works fine. I played several positions and the new game engine didn't have any problems so far. The new recruiting system (by region, terrain, leader, ..etc.) works fine and the 30+ brigade types look great in the group section (no more just veterans/recruits to look at).

But I have to say that Amazons is fast becoming one of my favorites. I didn't think much of them on paper but after playing them for a while, those girls are fun to dominate others in the jungles of Oakendell. So far they are tough to beat in their domain.

So I'm trying to say that we really could start a 3rd Cycle game at any time if you like. If you need more time to work out some design issues then how about going the middle ground: have an Alpha test game in a week from this Friday (Aug 7)? That way, you'll have more time to tweak some things and I'll get an early look at how the new software handles other people's orders that I may have missed. By the end of August, we should have a decent model tested for 3rd Cycle.
Just curious, is there going to be a new rule book that explains everything before this starts? I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into before the 1st order is due.
Since we'll continue 2nd Cycle indefinitely - as long as there is demand - we'll have an Addendum, which Mike says is 20 pages so far (that's before a lot is done), for 3rd Cycle.  So Rules for 2nd Cycle are in place, except where superseded or added to by 3rd Cycle.  They are not ready to be published.

Mike and I are discussing how to conduct a very preliminary alpha game, not an open game, not taken to conclusion, lots of demands on a couple playtesters that have provided valuable feedback over the course of the Resurgence.  I expect end of August we'll have our first two accelerated games where we solicit players for testing, and then when we are confident, it will finally be here.  I doubt anyone wants it to happen sooner than I do, but I have my reputation, and as we saw today on other threads, we have very, very high expectations from players.
Will we be given a list of spells by kingdom and at what levels they get them?

I think it would be an unfair advantage to those that are playing the test games to know a great deal about the kingdoms which the majority of us won't know about
This is what we are looking at for 3rd Cycle, Turn 1 customization.

 Three Points to Spend Turn 1, Order #11.  Default is 3 points spent on Gold, so +60k gold.

Complete Columns A - B, or A - C as required to expend customization points.
Assets are assigned to Capital ©  or 1st Group (G)

Customization Subject

Champion Stallions
Gives one patrol +7 MP in addition to any other bonuses and +5 to starting morale of group in possession

Valyrian Steel
Gives one party +12 points in Unusual Encounters

Cloak of Disguise
Gives one emissary (political or agent) a 75% reduced chance of detection when relocating, only 25% chance name revealed

Red Elk Mount
Gives one emissary a range of 11 on relocation (political or agent), gives an Agent a range of 10 on missions.

Gold in Starting Treasury (any # points)
20,000 gold to starting treasury per point spent

Mist Talisman
Character is not located by a Locate Character spell or divination

Knowledge Totem
Provides L4 Recon when in possession of a character or group (not pc)

Expert Administration
Start with an additional Provincial Governor

Scrying Mirror
As 2nd Cycle Palantir

Charismatic Ruler
Start with +1 Influence

Noble Family Swears Fealty
Start with an additional Baron

Amulet of Protection
Provides -50% (40% becomes 20%) to attempts to assassinate or kidnap the emissary in possession & 50% sleep resistance.

Onyx Amulet
Gives possessing emissary (agent or political)  Gaiting with a 8 area range

Guardian Talisman
Acts as a constant ward spell on the possessing emissary

Glyph of Protection
Capital begins with +7000 defense and L3 points of intrinsic counter espionage
What would you think about giving up 20k starting gold to get a 4th customization point?

Also to clarify, the Cloak of Disguise, 25% of name identified means after Incite or Usurp or (new order) Stir Unrest, instead of the usual 50%. When the name is known, assassins tend to come around.
(07-30-2015, 11:41 PM)Ry Vor Wrote: Champion Stallions
Gives one patrol +7 MP in addition to any other bonuses and +5 to starting morale of group in possession

So, +7 MP if with a patrol, but really needs to be with a brigade or better if you want the morale boost? Or is "patrol" generic for any group?

And yes, I like the customization and would like the option to give up 20K for an extra point if my setup looks like that might be a good idea.

And I assume we assign where these all go on turn 1 and are transferrable later? Are they subject to nasty thieves?

Thanks for sharing

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