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Is this a good place to suggest (again) that the automatic turn reminder come more than 10 hours before the turn is due? On the East coast it comes in at 2am I think and if you sleep in and don't see it you don't have much time to get your turn in. Obviously all that is on you but if you were going to have a reminder might as well make it earlier so that it came be seen the night before. My $.02

And, yes to a faster paced game running 3+ turns a week.
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde
I know I would not want a set 4 day turn around. I like to not have any regular game fall on warlord or Titan days. I basically don't play warlords because of the 7 day turnaround.
I like the mon/Thur, tues/fri idea a small bit faster but no 6 day turn around. I think no games on Thursday maybe a bit outdated now that things are automated.
M/Th or T/F would be great for Warlords. (Or W/Sa.)

M/W/F would be great for an accelerated anonymous individual game.
(07-23-2015, 11:39 AM)HeadHoncho Wrote: M/Th or T/F would be great for Warlords. (Or W/Sa.)

M/W/F would be great for an accelerated anonymous individual game.

Why just anon?  Seems would cut down on the super groups as they would just be to hard to manage.
Anonymous would be a no brainer, because it's fire and forget.

My personal opinion is that a full diplomacy game would get frustrating and hard to keep up with at that pace, as you wait for feedback from allies and stress out as the deadline grows near.
I don't know why you don't make a accelerated test game. Players could post how they enjoy the speed and we go from there.

I doubt there will be "long term" player drops, when your just testing how people like it.

But I do agree. M/F, or T/ Th.

Rick, you say that one of the reasons we don't go to faster pace games is because player drops, but increasing game speed would make majority (from what I read) players happier and might attract new players. Doesn't making the majority happier outweigh the 1 or 2 drops because its too fast.

Also when these players dropped, were they just that game drop or long term drops? They could have had something come up in their life and at that time, needed a slower turn around, however, does not mean every week of the year they prefer that.
I just asked on the current Podium Primeval game if we could simply set up a checkbox in the order entry page that says "Results Final and Run Game" so that if everyone happens to have their orders entered AND the checkbox checked in a game then the results run. I think this is a great compromise because if one person doesn't check it, the schedule is not advanced. If everyone does, then the game runs. Everyone wins and no one drops because of games running "too fast". Waiting 6 days in a 5 player anonymous podium game is kinda silly, there is no diplomacy.
I Like that!!!!
I would like someone, or some number of people, to post here how frequently other PBEM games run: game name and frequency and price.  Maybe I am behind the times when I think the answer is they run one turn every two weeks and charge about $10+ for it.  And I think they may have started maybe six games in two years while we have started 140, and with almost no two of them the same.

Usually when I ask those kind of questions, I get no answer, other than something like we expect a lot more out of you, then we do out of them. 

On the point, I don't mind running faster, other than we have lost closer to 100 players than 1 or 2 due to the pace of Alamaze.  I think we can try it, as Sinestro challenges, with not too much required from Mike to distract from The Choosing, but I do think the vocal part of the community on this point is a minority. I, for one, am almost relieved when I have six days instead of four for the next turn.  And we can always join more games if there is not enough Alamaze happening in our life.

So I'd say to those interested, come to a consensus on the 3x a week that can be programed as a scheduled process and we can probably do it for the Steel game now forming.  Good?

If the Warlords want 2x a week, post on that thread, and it will be 3 slots instead of 2.  Then Wednesday and Saturday both.  Again, that will take some time from Mike.
THANK YOU! That is all. Smile

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