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AN/DE Now Immune to Scandal Spell (381)
(07-27-2015, 07:50 PM)HeadHoncho Wrote: Again, no critique was intended by any of this.  You're doing an amazing job.

I personally think this change makes sense, I just wanted people to be aware of it.

Honestly, I think if any change were to be made, it would be to give the AN the same courtesy.  But that is Ry Vor's call.  If 381 can conjure up something that could impact even the squeaky-clean AN, then down they go, I suppose.  With three or four Consul targets, that could become a major problem, but whatever works...

Having played the AN vs HH I was shocked to find out that scandal effected them and it is quite devastating.   Just moving your consuls doesn't help because the spell only requires kingdom and name.  That means you need to come up with 4 ward spells per turn to protect your consuls from Scandal.

I think the new version of the rules is better.
I think that's probably right. AN and DE have always felt like different sides of the same coin, thematically (by deliberate design, I trust). I guess it feels a bit odd to me, to have DE be immune to 381 and not AN. Maybe this is one of those things that changed in NC? (The 381 affecting them, I mean.)

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