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New player perspective
Would like to see this thread continue  - some people have found Alamaze but lots haven't.  So lets find out what an easier entry is.
I am in my first two games currently and here are some mistakes I have made that I have learned from that you may want to consider going forward:

-Remember to calculate loss of Gold/Food when someone militarily takes over one of your PCs as this occurs before production. I was unable to complete an important order that turn setting me back due to insufficient gold.
-Be aware when traveling across sea squares, someone may have put forward a 705 order with a larger fleet than yours. Without going into too much detail, it was VERY costly.
-Hide your envoys. If they are assassinated, you lose some influence (or is it regional reaction, I can't remember)
-Be aggressive, but keep in mind you can easily lose your emissaries when someone militarily takes over a town.
-Pay close attention to the order of operations and the fine print. This is VERY important!
-Don't be afraid to ask "dumb" questions, as sometimes the game rules may not work the way you would think.
-Sometimes you get bad dice rolls, so be prepared to have an Agent die to a 95% success mission (I had an agent roll a 0)

I am sure I would have made many more mistakes if not for HeadHoncho who has been mentoring me and answering questions. I see that FrostLord has offered to mentor you should you need it. I would take him up on that offer, as FrostLord seems to be a very knowledgeable player and may be able to provide some insight should you need it.
I'd like to see a concise list of all the cool spreadsheets people are sitting on. There seem to be quite a few. And maybe a single place to get them all.
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