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What's Next
Hey all,

So, my First Game is rapidly approaching turn 24. I think I have achieved a basic understanding of the game mechanics... (little light on group to group combat) but I think my DW buddies will help me out on that front during the next four turns.

Anyway, Got to wondering what comes next?

I don't think I feel like another new player with mentor... but I also know I would probably fail in a full game with experienced players.

I see that there are team games. How do these work? Is it possible to have my buddy Prime go on one team and I to the other where the other players are experienced and could guide us?

Is there other options I don't know about?

I have about 4 weeks to figure it out... unless I end the current game early. Tongue
My honest suggestion to you is to jump into this game:

You have JF, Cloud, and me (all somewhat geographically dispersed to minimize potential conflicts of interest) who could give you pointers as desired.

You would have the benefit of an extra 25K gold, too, since it's the Chivalry variant. My suggestion would be for you to play BL, since both AN and UN are a bit more complicated as Kingdoms than BL.

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