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Warlords/Magic Games: What Is Appropriate?
When was this made an unwritten rule in warlords? I have seen this happen from this first game run as warlords. Anyway I have no problem following what ever rules come about I would just like them noted clearly.
If we are stopping ally declarations then enemy declarations should also be stopped as it is communicating as well.

While clarifying unwritten rules what are the rules for trading? Trading is ok, None, or none until you have a teammate eliminated.
The only rules I know of are absolutely no communication of any kind with different teams... there has never been any restrictions on enemy/ally declarations that I've been aware of.

I'm asking for clarifications in this very thread, because I perceive it is becoming more of an issue lately. Personally, I do not find any trading with a different team to be acceptable, and I'm with VBM, I would probably stop playing these variants if that ends up being allowed.

I personally do not find the elimination/drop argument to be compelling, because if a Kingdom ends up being eliminated without a Sanctuary, that is the complete responsibility of that Kingdom/team. And if there is a drop, the remaining teammates ought to find a standby, I believe that is preferable for everyone.
Fine, no new rules.  No one wants to move on more than me and stop having questions asked about rules.
Ah ok. As you know I am a fan of rules, unwritten or written

Seems this thread was needed. I did not notice anything wrong myself but will see. I think the dropped players were more likely players quitting alamaze. It just effects warlords more than other formats.
I'm mostly looking for a community consensus on this, unless Ry Vor wanted to make a rule (which he should not feel compelled to do).

I guess we could just clarify expectations before any given game start.

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