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Destroy pop center spells
Do these spells stack? If I cast destroy Town and the pop center is 8200 strength does it survive if I cast the spell twice on the same turn?
Also, can I cast a Damage City instead?
Seems to me like most towns have a better value than 7K defense.
They stack, and so two destroy town spells on the same turn will usually take out an unimproved town.

Damage City is a different spell, and I believe it's only effective on actual cities.
Each spell damages only the PC type listed on the spell.

This is why you will see some player choose a village over a town in water PCs as a capital. Destroy village can only do 3.5k per casting, but you can improve a villages defensive rating at the same rate as a town or city. So after two 600 orders likely your village is more defensible.

Another trick is hit the PC with enough damage to greatly weaken it but not destroy it then take it with a small group using the 180 order. This allows you to get the effect of your nukes the same turn you cast them.

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