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Some Suggestions
I'd like to offer some suggestions for game setups. Some I suggest just for fun, however I would think this community would benefit from a game utilizing suggestion #1.

1. A "No Ravens" game, where only diplomacy via public forum is permitted with no private communications allowed. This would offer a balance in which a few players wouldn't be able to gang up or plot against others as easily, but it would still allow for a diplomatic element, which I think is one of the parts of Alamaze I enjoy the most that I'm missing from the Anon games. This is the most common game setup for those that play "A Game of Thrones" board game online and it works nicely. The open diplomacy is highly entertaining and those who do well at it (or at least put the time in on it) hold a nice advantage, as such may not be for everyone. This open diplomacy is often mixed with some entertaining role playing.

2. A game in which the orders are processed when all orders have been received. That might be 12 hours after orders have been processed and everyone has their turns in, or it might be two weeks if someone had to step away for work, vacation, etc. There could be a time limit, such as a week, to ensure the game isn't held up for too long if there was a preference for that. In any case, I like the idea of a game that runs as fast or slow as the participants care to make it.

3. A race draft, in which players in the order of sign-up (or better yet, randomly) pick from the pool of available races. This would be interesting in those scenarios where there aren't 15 races on the board, as the last few picks could make some strategic picks based on which players are in the game and which races are in or out. This could have variations, such as an increasing payout for lower draft order, such as 1st pick gets 0 bonus gold, 2nd pick gets 5k gold, 3rd pick gets 10k gold. The last picks would have large stockpiles to begin to compensate for the less desired races.

4. A race auction. Each players starts with 50k gold. The first race is put up for auction (randomly determined) and each player submits a bid. (Bid handling could be done by a non-player volunteer so as to not burden the resources of the Alamaze team, or it could be a public in a pre-determined draft order.) Highest bidder wins the race and tied bids are randomly allocated, with the loser keeping their gold. You get to keep whatever gold you have left at the start of the game.


I like 4, how much do you want to be the Elf with 0 extra gold or the SO with an extra 45k?
Lord Alz - "Jeff"
Arch Mage of the Ancient Ones
Yep doing a draft like in 4 would be interesting.  Do you spend your gold and get the kingdom you want or do you save it and have a lot of gold to start out with but not your first choice of kingdom 
I think it would have to be a sealed bid silent auction
Lord Alz - "Jeff"
Arch Mage of the Ancient Ones
I'll take the opportunity of a suggestion thread to propose again the idea of an accelerated game (taking more than the one slot) that runs 3 times a week. I think there is support for this among the player base.
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde
I like your ideas, especially 1 and 4. Also love the 3/week idea, of course, but my understanding is that there are some software issues currently. Hopefully in the future some time.

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