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Explorer Going Away - get another browser
I guess I have been living in a cave, but just found out today that Microsoft's Internet Explorer is going away, as soon as this weekend.  I'm not sure how that will really happen as it is installed on each computer, but since Alamaze is entirely by the internet, please be sure to have another browser like Firefox installed so you don't run the risk of missing a turn(s).  
MS is re-branding their browser, and nothing happening soon (certainly not this weekend), but there are plenty of reasons to use another browser...
Most of the sites at my work are only compatible with IE or whatever they decide to call it. I wish I could just get rid of it.
 Lord Diamond

Please do not take any of my comments as a personal insult or as a criticism of the game 'Alamaze', which I very much enjoy. Rather, I hope that my personal insight and unique perspective may, in some way, help make 'Alamaze' more fun, a more successful financial venture, or simply more sustainable as a long-term project. Anyone who reads this post should feel completely free to ignore, disregard, scorn, implement, improve, dispute, or otherwise comment upon its content.


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