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Unclemike's Corner
I changed the game queue for Magic (team) games to now consist of 4 teams of 3 players each (was teams of 2 players). Please clear your browser cache to pick up the latest version.
Ice Age Now Available
  • Winter season is always present throughout the entire game (the entire map experiences winter).
  • The Ice Age option may be applied on any map (including Centauria).
  • Terrain movement costs are x1.5 x1.25 current value (turn 0 kingdom setups will display an additional Ice Age column rate).
  • All water areas will be completely frozen over. No ships may move which will nullify merchant trading, sea patrols, and troop transport. All groups may move on frozen water as if on land (use order #720/725). Teleport spells will be allowed to land on frozen water areas. Groups with flying artifacts (Pegasus, Red Bats, Green Dragons) will be allowed to land on frozen water.
  • Dragons may land on frozen water so they may attack pc's or investigate encounters which was previously denied them.
  • Group vs group combat on frozen water areas will be fought as a normal land battle (fleets are not involved).
  • Groups may intercept and pursue other groups over frozen water.
  • Fire-oriented spells have x1.5 damage (before spell density) during Ice Age epochs. This will boost the effects of the following spells: Firestrike, Wall of Flame, Meteor Strike (pc damage spell), Avenging Angel (divine fire aspect of this priestess spell). So a pwr-2 Firestrike would do 2,100 damage rather than 1,400 (before spell density and other effects).
  • The banned list of spells during an Ice Age are: Summon Kraken (#659), Storm At Sea (#660), Dispel Storm At Sea (#661), Ship of Mist (#708).
  • The banned list of orders during an Ice Age are: Sea Patrol (#705), Sea Group Moves (#710/715), Sea Trade Mission (#711), Increase Seapower (#748), Create Elite Ship (#749), Sabotage Seapower (#935).
  • For Early Strategic Objectives, if you select the objective D4 (total 7+ fleets in each of 2+ seas) you will not be able to achieve your ESO in the game. 
  • Scrap seapower (order #245) is still permitted since some kingdoms were designed to be balanced with other kingdoms regarding number/quality of fleets as a factor (though their purpose during an Ice Age will be only to scrap for the extra gold).
  • Phoenix brigades (fire creatures that only the Black/Red Dragon kingdoms may summon) are able to heal 10% attrition (normally 5%).
  • Due to the inclement weather, all figure movements (emissary, agent, priestess) ranges are reduced by 2. So if your kingdom can move an agent 8 areas, that gets reduced to 6 areas. This movement penalty does NOT apply for artifacts that affect figure movement (e.g., Onyx Amulet, Red Elk Mount).
  • All kingdoms will receive an extra 25,000 food on turn 0 as the liege releases his last reserves for the upcoming deep winter.
  • Special kingdom locations (Druid's Grove, Dragon's Lair, etc.) are magical places that are not affected by the harsh winter conditions (full production).
Please clear your browser cache to load the latest version (see attachments on how to clear Google Chrome cache).

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New Release With Enhanced Features

Map Snapshot had some tweaks:
  • If you successfully completed an encounter, the map area will show the No PC/No Encounter symbols (indicating that the area was explored)
  • If you destroy a pc (pillage/meteor spell), the map area will show the No PC/No Encounter symbols
  • Major cities and known pc's on the map will always display their current owner and fortifications (no recon is necessary). The reason for this is that a change in ownership would have been conveyed across the realm by various travelers, trade caravans, paid informants, etc. A recon is still necessary however to identify emissary/agent/group at the area as well as pc defensive value.
  • Overlaying lines that represent when your kingdom has control of the region are now fainter to see the background better (clear your browser cache to pick up the new version for your maps)
  • Map hover function now has a slight delay before displaying the tooltip info (to help some navigate around the map without the clutter of panels popping up)
  • [Not Yet Implemented] Custom notes will carry forward onto subsequent turns so if you make a note on the map, it'll remain there for the rest of the game until deleted.
Kingdom Turn Report will now have two new sections: Universal Events and Regional Events.

Universal events will contain important messages for all kingdoms:
  • A ruler who has been assassinated, captured, kidnapped, or killed
  • A warlord emerges from battle
  • A wizard who reached pwr-7 or higher from magical studies
  • An undead figure (nazgul, wraith, lich) manifests or is killed
  • When a major city changes control from one kingdom to another
  • Ally/enemy declarations
  • Gain/lose control of a region
  • Trading above the 15,000 limit
  • [Maelstrom] A dragon, giant, or level 2,3 hero is killed
  • [Maelstrom] The emergence of a goddess
  • etc.
Regional events will contain region-specific messages:
  • If your kingdom has Minor or greater influence in the region, certain battle reports will be presented (if either force is army sized or if both forces are division sized or greater)
  • Raising/lowering regional reactions
  • [Maelstrom] A castle or greater is constructed by a kingdom
  • [Maelstrom] Any class 3 or higher pc improvement is constructed
  • etc.
I have uploaded new website files to the server today (10:30am EST) so everyone will need to clear their browser cache to pick up the latest version. The new files are needed for the upcoming Maelstrom test but all players will need the new website files even for 3rd Cycle's The Choosing games. See attachments as example of clearing browser cache with Chrome.

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                                        4th Cycle Maelstrom Release Notes

Testing for the new Maelstrom release is about ready to go. Keep watch under new game signups for the notice. Here are the release notes for the upcoming test game or download the Word doc for a better layout of the text. Also, see the above post of clearing browser cache.

·         For all Maelstrom games, the player may select a kingdom to be placed in any region (except region 13 which is Stormgate).
·         No dispersed kingdoms.
·         All kingdoms start with 2 towns and 2 villages.
·         All kingdoms start with +15,000 gold (55,000 gold on average before traits).
·         Seasons are normal and apply on the appropriate turns (e.g., first winter occurs on turns 5-7, first summer on turns 11-13). Winter occurs in regions 1,2,3,5,6,7 and Summer in regions 4,8,9,10,11,12,13.
·         Kingdoms receive various benefits (granted on turn 0) based on the region chosen.

The following regional bonuses (applied on turn 0) for initial region chosen by the player:

“The Capital Regions” – Darkover (2), Triumvia (5), Nyvaria (7)
 §  +1.5 Influence
 §  Extra Baron
 §  Kingdom named brigade in 1st group as Veterans
 §  Kingdom’s capital upgraded with +3,000 census, defense, food, gold
 §  Darkover (2) may recruit (from pc): Northmen, Paladins/Knights of Styx, Vikings
 §  Triumvia (5) may recruit (from pc): Northmen, Paladins/Knights of Styx, Westmen
 §  Nyvaria (7) may recruit (from pc): Nyvarians, Paladins/Knights of Styx

“Regions of the Trading Coasts” – The Crown Islands (1), The Diamond Coast (3), The Sword Coast (8), Zamora (10)
 §  [General for all kingdoms, not specifically granted to a single kingdom when selected as initial region] All pc’s in these regions (1,3,8,10) gain +20% gold above normal
 §  Fleets in Sea of Forgotten, Endless Sea, Sorrows gain +1 fleets/+1 naval quality
 §  The Crown Islands (1) region: gains Elite ship (random name) for Sea of the Forgotten, Foreknowledge of Quest encounter
 §  The Diamond Coast (3) region: Kingdom receives +20,000 gold in treasury
 §  The Sword Coast (8) region: Kingdom named brigade in 1st group as Veterans, Foreknowledge of Excellent encounter
 §  Zamora (10) region: gains Elite ship (random name) for The Sorrows, Foreknowledge of Superior encounter
 §  The Crown Islands (1) may recruit (from pc): Northmen, Vikings
 §  The Diamond Coast (3) may recruit (from pc): Northmen, Nyvarians, Vikings
 §  The Sword Coast (8) may recruit (from pc): Mythians, Westmen, Zamorans
 §  Zamora (10) may recruit (from pc): Mythians, Zamorans

“The Savage Regions” – Zanthia (6), Mythgar (11), The Untamed Lands (12)
 §  [General for all kingdoms, not specifically granted to a single kingdom when selected as initial region] All mountain pc’s in Zanthia (6) gain +2,000 gold then extra 25% gold/defense. All pc’s in Mythgar (11) gain 1,500 defense. Mythgar (11) has Enigma encounter for a Pwr-2 Wizard. Companion brigades recruited in The Untamed Lands (12) hired at 50% normal cost (both food/gold).
 §  Zanthia (6) region: Companion brigade of highest defense rating available for kingdom in 1st group as Veteran, extra 20,000 gold in treasury
 §  Mythgar (11) region: Kingdom named brigade in 1st group as Regular, companion brigade of highest defense rating available for kingdom in 1st group as Veteran, kingdom's capital defense increased +5,000, group with available slot receives pwr-2 wizard
 §  Untamed Lands (12) region: Two companion brigades of highest defense rating available for kingdom in 1st group as Regular, gains Black Owl Totem and additional Adept in 1st group
 §  Zanthia (6) may recruit (from pc): Mythians, Westmen
 §  Mythgar (11) may recruit (from pc): Mythians, Zamorans
 §  The Untamed Lands (12) may recruit (from pc): Mythians, Nyvarians, Zamorans

“The Free States” – Krynn (4), Pellinor (9), Stormgate (13)
 §  [General for all kingdoms, not specifically granted to a single kingdom when selected as initial region] Stormgate (13) cannot be chosen as starting region however fleets built in Stormgate can be in either The Tempest or Waves of Azure
 §  Krynn (4) region: Two companion brigades of highest defense rating available for kingdom in 1st group as Regular, gains Champion Stallions in its 1st and 2nd group, gains a Whowie Totem in 1st group
 §  Pellinor (9) region: +1 Influence, a brigade of Paladins in 1st group as Veteran (Knights of Styx for DA,DE,PI,NE,TY,UN, Wyvern brigade for BL,RD), gains a general in 1st group
 §  Krynn (4) may recruit (from pc): Paladins/Knights of Styx, Westmen
 §  Pellinor (9) may recruit (from pc): Nyvarians, Paladins/Knights of Styx, Zamorans
 §  Stormgate (13) may recruit (from pc): Stormgate Guard

·         Starting fleets for kingdoms are also determined by initial region with the exception that Pirates gets a minimum of 1 fleet in every sea along with 13 quality (after Seafaring trait is added) and BL, RD gets 0 fleets:
    o   The Crown Islands (1) gets 3 fleets in Sea of The Forgotten
    o   Darkover (2) gets 2 fleets in The Tempest, 1 fleet in Waves of Azure
    o   The Diamond Coast (3) gets 3 fleets in The Endless Sea
    o   Krynn (4) gets 2 fleets in Sea of The Forgotten, 2 fleets in The Sorrows
    o   Triumvia (5) gets 3 fleets in The Tempest
    o   Zanthia (6) gets 0 fleets
    o   Nyvaria (7) gets 1 fleet in The Endless Sea, 2 fleets in Waves of Azure
    o   The Sword Coast (8) gets 3 fleets in The Sorrows
    o   Pellinor (9) gets 3 fleets in Waves of Azure
    o   Zamora (10) gets 3 fleets in The Sorrows
    o   Mythgar (11) gets 0 fleets
    o   The Untamed Lands (12) gets 0 fleets

·         Major Cities are fixed and are always shown on the map.
·         Minor Cities which only exist in certain regions (1, 3, 8, 9, 11) are random on the map for every game.
·         Fire of the Void location is KH (to destroy artifacts)
·         Phoenix brigades for dragon kingdoms may be summoned at 3 volcano locations: KH, KS, ZV
·         PC’s in coastal map areas have increases to census, defense, food, gold. The PC production listing on the kingdom turn report will display the word COASTAL in the rightmost column for coastal pc’s.
·         If regional character awards troops, a check is made to increase fleets if group is on water or isle (isle locations for the Maelstrom map are BB, BC, CB, CC, CZ, DZ, MQ, NP, ZA, ZB, ZC)
·         In general, PC stats (census, defense, food, gold) have been adjusted for improved game balance with terrain proficiency's pc defense bonuses removed
·         New PC names based on terrain type was added to the database (188 new names)

·         Starting special brigades on turn 0 have been adjusted for several kingdoms.
    o   Amazons get 2 Wildlings brigades, 1 Mammoth brigade
    o   Ancient Ones get 1 Scorpion brigade, 1 Mammoth brigade
    o   Atlantians get 2 Viking brigades
    o   Black Dragon gets 1 Wyvern brigade
    o   Cimmerians get 1 Viking brigade, 1 Mammoth brigade
    o   Demon Princes get 2 Skeleton brigades
    o   Halflings get 2 Rohirrim brigades, 1 Ent brigade
    o   Pirates get 1 Hill Giants brigade, 2 Viking brigades
    o   Rangers get 1 Rohirrim brigade
    o   Red Dragon gets 1 Wyvern brigade
    o   Tyrant gets 2 Orcs, 1 Troll, 1 Ogre, and 1 Uak Hai brigade
·         Various adjustments were made to existing brigade values to improve game balance
·         The following new troop types may be recruited by ANY kingdom except the dragons BL, RD (check your kingdom setup file on turn 0 to see other restrictions such as requiring the presence of a group leader or a brigade of certain troop quality):
    o   Northmen (NM) regions 1, 2, 3, 5, 13
    o   Mythians (MY) regions 6, 8, 10, 11, 12
    o   Nyvarians (NY) regions 3, 7, 9, 12, 13 (if recruited from city at NU, begins as Regular)
    o   Paladins (PA) regions 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 (only good kingdoms, all except DA, DE, PI, NE, TY, UN)
    o   Knights of Styx (KS) regions 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 (only evil kingdoms DA, DE, PI, NE, TY, UN)
    o   Vikings (VI) regions 1, 2, 3
    o   Westmen (WE) regions 4, 5, 6, 8, 13
    o   Zamorans (ZA) regions 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (if recruited in 10, begins as Regular)
    o   Stormgate Guard (ST) region 13 (begins with Veteran experience and 125 morale)

Kingdom Customization
·         Customization has been greatly improved with more options and points.
·         Customization is now Order #993 (under order entry website Other tab), former Order #11 in The Choosing. This means that any awards granted, including gold, is done at the END OF THE TURN (as appropriate for executing Order #993).
·         Total points: 10 to spend (was 3 in The Choosing)
·         Default award granted to kingdoms if customization was not specified within turns 1-3:
               45,000 gold (which is more than a player may choose if specified)
               +1 Influence
               Scrying Mirror
·         Certain awarded items will be placed in the 1st group. If filled, the program will attempt to add the item to a subsequent group if space is available. So, if a kingdom selects the Prodigy option (grants an extra Adept), the 1st group is checked but if there is no room, it will try to add the new Adept to subsequent group if possible.
·         Possible items to select:
           C1 [3 pts] – Cloak of Disguise (now 100% undetected movement)
           C2 [2 pts] – Red Elk Mount (now 10 range)
           C3 [1 pt] – 8,000 Gold (may be selected up to 5 times)
           C4 [2 pts] – Smoke Mojo (50% saving throws against kidnap/assassination and when pc falls avoiding capture) [displays SAVES under emissary when equipped]
           C5 [3 pts] – New Governor
           C6 [2 pts] – Scrying Mirror
           C7 [2 pts] – +1 Influence
           C8 [4 pts] – New Baron
           C9 [3 pts] – Amulet of Protection
           C10 [4 pts] – Onyx Amulet (now 7 range)
           C11 [3 pts] – Guardian Talisman
           C12 [2 pts] – Glyph of Protection
           C17 [1 pt] – Raise Ambassador to Governor
           C18 [1 pt] – Raise Agent L2 to L4
           C19 [2 pts] – Capital gains a Bazaar
           C20 [2 pts] – Capital gains a Temple
           C21 [1 pt] – New Agent L2
           C22 [7 pts] – New Prince
           G1 [2 pts] – Champion Stallions
           G2 [2 pts] – Valyrian Steel
           G3 [2 pts] – Knowledge Totem
           G5 [2 pts] – Kingdom named brigade (non-flying) of Green experience
           G6 [2 pts] – Renowned Standard (intrinsic Valor spell as pwr-2)
           G7 [2 pts] – Whowie Totem (+2 move pts, 20 base pts becomes 22)
           G8 [3 pts] – New Adept
           G9 [1 pt] – New Captain
           G10 [3 pts] – Raise Wizard Pwr-1 to Pwr-2
           G11 [3 pts] – Black Owl Totem (scry as L10 agent, range 5, use Order #982 under order entry website Other tab)
           G12 [2 pts] – Kingdom named brigade upgrade from Regular to Veteran
           M1 [2 pts] – Foreknowledge (location of Excellent encounter, random region)
           M2 [2 pts] – Fleets in all seas gain +2 naval quality
           M3 [2 pts] – Foreknowledge (location of Fine encounter, capital region)

Kingdom Traits
·         Removed pc defense bonuses from kingdom traits (Cunning, Industrious, Military Tradition, Siege Engineering, and Stalwart). For serveral kingdoms, some traits were added or removed as follows:
    o   Ancient Ones gained Devout, Oratory, Stalwart, Foreknowledge (Random), lost Foreknowledge (Plow of the Prophet)
    o   Atlantians gained Foreknowledge (Random), Healing, Industrious, Rich
    o   Cimmerians gained Military Tradition
    o   Dark Elves lost Military Tradition, Ruthless, Riders
    o   Dwarves lost Trick of the Trade
    o   Elves lost Riders
    o   Gnomes lost Spy Network
    o   Lizard Men gained Heroic
    o   Sacred Order gained Rich
    o   Sorcerer lost Secretive, Spy Network
    o   Tyrant gained Trackers
    o   Underworld lost Industrious, Rich
    o   Warlock lost Secretive

Construct New Buildings
·         Only one building may be constructed for the pc in a turn.
·         A new building and pc improvement using Order #600 (under order entry website Kingdom tab) may be conducted in the same turn. Same for the special Dwarven ability to increase pc defense.
·         To construct a new building, use Order #611 (under order entry website Kingdom tab) for the following:
    o   Bazaar [10,000 gold, 20,000 food] +25% gold production, -10 counter-espionage (penalty), +2 stir unrest (penalty), +10% census, -20% chance pc detects emissary entry (50% becomes 30%)
    o   Forge [20,000 gold, 20,000 food, prerequisites: Forum, Bazaar] allows to build improved armor/weapons for groups, use Order #605 (under order entry website Military tab) [20,000 food, 20,000 gold], improved armor provides +25% to group’s total defense, improved weaponry provides +25% total combat value, forged items remain with group and cannot be traded/transferred nor become spoils of war from being conquered by another group/pc, forged items will be lost and unrecoverable when group becomes inactive for any reason
    o   Forum [10,000 gold, 20,000 food, allowed in city/town] +2 status quo, +10% census, may title emissaries (raise rank) at pc outside of capital, +0.3 influence
    o   Granary [10,000 gold, 20,000 food, prerequisite: Bazaar] +25% food production, +1 status quo
    o   Port [30,000 gold, 60,000 food, prerequisites: Bazaar, Granary, must be coastal city/town] requires coastal pc, +50% food and gold production, +20% census, allows building fleets above quality 13, +1 influence
    o   Secret Passages [10,000 gold, 20,000 food, prerequisite: regional control of pc location] ruler always escapes capture, 90% chance of escape for other figures (50% normally)
    o   Temple [10,000 gold, 20,000 food] hire noble maiden, perform test for the gift (maiden into high priestess), +1 status quo
    o   Great Temple [20,000 gold, 40,000 food, prerequisite: Temple] as Temple benefits, hire noble maiden or high priestess at 50%, high priestess/consul divinations cost 50% (if high priestess/consul is at pc), +0.5 influence, +2 status quo, +20% census
    o   Thieves Guild [10,000 gold, 20,000 food, prerequisites: Bazaar] required to train agents past L9 up to kingdom limit, exceed max agent training level by 1, -1,000 gold to agent training cost, +20 pts counter-espionage, if agent based at pc fails at mission only loses 3 levels (not 4-6)
    o   Watch Towers [10,000 gold, 20,000 food] L4 intrinsic recon of pc
    o   Wizard Tower [20,000 gold, 40,000 food] required for wizard research beyond 5th level, -10% research cost up through 5th level
    o   Great Mage Tower [30,000 gold, 60,000 food, prerequisite: Wizard Tower] as Wizard Tower benefits, the following only applies at tower’s location: increases battle/damage spells by +50% so pwr-3 fireball increases from 2100 damage to 3150, tower’s wizards are protected from other kill wizard spells by -50% reduction, kill wizard spells cast by tower’s wizards are at +50% effectiveness, if location also has Secret Passages built then tower’s wizards are immune from combat/spell death (not assassinations)

Construct New Fortifications
·         Only one defensive fortification may be constructed for the pc in a turn.
·         A new building (Order #611), pc improvement (Order #600), and fortification (Order #609) may be issued in the same turn.
·         All fortifications are added to the defense of the pc and must be overcome during the pc battle. Take note that certain fortifications may prevent diplomatic overturn (rebel/usurp/diplomacy spells) and siege attempts by opposing forces.
·         To construct new defensive fortifications, use Order #609 (under order entry website Kingdom tab) for the following:
    o   Motte and Bailey [4,000 gold, 8,000 food, prerequisites: must be village] +2,000 defense, +1 status quo, +10 counter-espionage, +0.1 influence, -500 food/gold production loss
    o   Fortress [30,000 gold, 60,000 food, prerequisites: must be town] +15,000 defense, +3 status quo, +20 counter-espionage, +20% census, +0.5 influence
    o   Citadel [60,000 gold, 120,000 food, prerequisites: must be city] +30,000 defense, +3 status quo, +20 counter-espionage, +20% census, +1 influence
    o   Castle [30,000 gold, 60,000 food, prerequisites: must be city or town, replaces fortress/citadel] +15,000 defense, pc cannot be sieged, +4 status quo, +20 counter-espionage, +0.3 influence, -2,000 food/gold production loss
    o   Greater Castle [50,000 gold, 100,000 food, prerequisites: castle, replaces castle] +40,000 defense, pc cannot be sieged, pc cannot be influenced diplomatically (as a capital), +30 counter-espionage, +1 influence, -2,000 food/gold production loss
    o   Legendary Castle [100,000 gold, 200,000 food, prerequisites: great castle, replaces greater castle] +100,000 defense, pc cannot be sieged, pc cannot be influenced diplomatically (as a capital), +40 counter-espionage, +1 influence, -2,000 food/gold production loss

·         Default emissary range is 7 (was 8 in The Choosing). Riders have 8, Flight 9. This is before any effects such as the Red Elk Mount or such.
·         Rule of Law requires 10% food and 10% gold production of kingdom-controlled pc's in each region under control every turn (not including special groves like Pirate's Cove), executes after production and trade but before group consumption (after spell 209 create gold). Failure to pay results in loss of regional reaction (even if Tight Control) and deducts remaining food/gold amount from your treasury that was less than required for Rule of Law.
·         PC resistance for Major Cities which is a factor in political actions such as rebel/usurp is more difficult than Minor Cities. Town and Village pc resistance factors were increased.
·         New Regional Reaction Loyal (higher than Friendly, may only be achieved if kingdom has Tight Control influence in the region, tougher for other kingdoms to gain control of pc's, 3 pts of morale to groups in Loyal regions)
·         New Regional Influence Tight Control (100%+ control of region, allows raising regional reactions to Loyal, kingdom cannot be denigrated in regions with Tight Control, tougher for other kingdoms to gain control of pc’s)
           100% Tight Control
            60-99% Control
            36-59% Substantial
            20-35% Significant
            1-19% Minor
            0% Unestablished

Loyal/Tight Control
·         Kingdom turn report’s regional intelligence section (above pc production listing) will show all group sizes in the region where a kingdom has Tight Control. Breakdown: Tight Control (displays all group sizes even patrols), Control (army group, army, division), Substantial (army group, army), Significant (army group), Minor or Unestablished (none). 
·         Demon Princes’ special ability to raise/lower regional reactions obeys Tight Control rules (cannot denigrate if Tight Control, cannot raise to Loyal if not Tight Control)
·         Other matters such as High Council voting, gaining/losing control of a region, releasing skeletons, casting Charm Region/Infuriate Populace spells, and declaring another kingdom an ally/enemy/neutral all of which raise/lower regional reactions obey Tight Control rules (cannot denigrate if Tight Control, cannot raise to Loyal if not Tight Control)
·         Diplomacy spell is tougher to gain control of a pc if pc owner has Loyal and/or Tight Control
·         If lost Tight Control and reactions is Loyal, reactions are reduced to Friendly (this automatic denigrate only occurs from Loyal to Friendly and if lost Tight Control while reactions are other than Loyal, no denigrate will occur)

·         Turn 0 starting wizards have been adjusted to the new Magical Prowess chart:
                                             Max Lvl        Cost          P4          P3          P2          P1          A
         Supremacy                     9              7000                         1             3             1          1
         Mastery                           7             8000                                         2             2          1
         Advantaged                    7              9000                                        2             1           2
         Standard                          6           10,000                                       1              2          1
         Substandard                    6           11,000                                                       2          2
         Disadvantaged                5           12,000                                                       2          2
         Non-magical                    5           13,000                                                       1          3

·         Various adjustments were made to kingdom spell lists for game balance
·         Locate Character/Group spell (#855) has been removed from play

·         Dimensional Portals removed from play
·         Mist Talisman has been removed from play
·         Quest encounter difficulty has been reduced to be the same as Superior (easier)

Early Strategic Objectives and Status Points
·         Removed Avalon as an Early Strategic Objective

Group Icons
·         New icons displayed (see attached Word document for the new graphic images):
       o   Forged Improved Armor
       o   Forged Improved Weaponry
       o   Flying (native flight, all troops flying like specters, artifacts)
       o   Tracking (and Knowledge Totem)
       o   Champion Stallions (group has greater movement)
       o   Valyrian Steel
       o   Renowned Standard (inscription along the bottom says in Latin, “Concussus Surgo”, which means, “When struck, I rise”)
       o   Black Owl Totem (scry 5 range, use Order #982, under order website Other tab)
       o   Whowie Totem (group has greater movement)
       o   Sea (use ships for movement)
       o   Ice Age game (movement rates reduced, seas frozen)

Status Points
·         Listing of status points (points are final, interim 1/4th value)
    o   Artifact                 Quest/Superior                                    400
    o   Artifact                 Excellent                                                200
    o   Artifact                 Fine                                                        100
    o   Covert                  Agent L11+                                            400
    o   Covert                  Agent L8-10                                           200
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Ruler                                 1,000
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Demon Prince                    900
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Prince                                  800
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Duke                                    600
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Count                                  400
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Baron                                  300
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Governor                           200
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Ambassador                      100
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Fool                                       50
    o   Covert                  Prisoner – Agent                                 Level x 15
    o   Economic             Highest Food Production                   800
    o   Economic             Highest Gold Production                    800
    o   Economic             Highest Census                                    800
    o   Economic             Legendary Castle                              2,000
    o   Economic             Greater Castle                                     800
    o   Economic             Castle                                                    400
    o   Economic             Citadel                                               1,200
    o   Economic             Fortress                                                 600
    o   Economic             Great Temple                                   1,200
    o   Economic             Wizard Tower                                      400
    o   Economic             Great Mage Tower                              800
    o   Magic                    Have a Pwr-7+ Wizard                        600
    o   Magic                    Have a Pwr-5-6 Wizard                      300
    o   Military                 Have a Warlord                                   600
    o   Military                 Have a Marshal                                   300
    o   Military                 Have an elite brigade                        400
    o   Military                 Group > 100k vs PC                            600
    o   Military                 Group > 70k vs PC                              400
    o   Military                 Seapower (fleets x quality)             varies
    o   Political                 Have influence 20+                            400
    o   Political                Have influence 17-19                         200
    o   Political                 Member on high council                  200
    o   Political                 Declared you as enemy                    400
    o   Political                 You declared as ally                         -400
    o   Political                 Have a prince                                     200
    o   Regional               Tight control in region                   2,800
    o   Regional               Control in region                             2,000
    o   Regional               Substantial in region                         800
    o   Regional               Significant in region                          400
    o   Citizenship           Survive until turn 12                         200
    o   Citizenship           Survive until turn 18                         300
    o   Citizenship           Survive until turn 24                         400
    o   Citizenship           Survive until turn 30                         500
    o   Citizenship           Survive until end of game             1,500
    o   Victory                  Standard (Rex) Victory                  6,000
    o   Victory                  Team Victory                                  3,000
    o   Victory                  Usurper Victory                              3,000

Game Queue Website
·         Upgraded to handle both 3rd Cycle (The Choosing) and 4th Cycle (Maelstrom) games.
·         For Maelstrom, only Steel, Primeval, and Magic-Alliance variants are currently automated by the game queue. The remaining types will have to be created via the server’s game creation utility program.

Order Entry Website
·         Upgraded to handle both 3rd Cycle (The Choosing) and 4th Cycle (Maelstrom) games.

Alamaze Utility Program (for administrators)
·         Allows the manual creation of Maelstrom games (greater flexibility than game queue website in allowing 2-12 players in game, have the same player control multiple kingdoms/regions, different team play combinations, etc.)

Alamaze Admin website (for administrators)
·         Upgraded to display Maelstrom games alongside The Choosing

Jan 17:
Added Magic-Alliance games to the game queue so now Steel, Primeval, and Magic-Alliance types are automated. Others like Warlords will have to be manually created by an administrator.

Jan 19:
Corrected seapower for Pirates (minimum 1 fleet in every sea with quality 13 after Seafaring trait)
G12 customization option changed to upgrade kingdom regular brigade to veteran

Jan 22:
Added Valhalla website being done for Maelstrom games

Jan 24:
Added seasonal information for the new Maelstrom map under the Gameplay section
More info for Smoke Mojo benefits

Jan 26:
Added status points section

Jan 29:
Changed Rule of Law to be 10% food and 10% gold production for every region under control
Changed The Diamond Coast (region 3) to start with +20,000 gold in treasury

Feb 1:
Added elite ship for initial region Zamora (10)

Feb 6:
Removed all pc defense bonuses from kingdom traits (Cunning, Industrious, Military Tradition, Siege Engineering, Stalwart) and Terrain Proficiency (e.g., Supremacy's +30% bonus) except for controlling a region (which still provides +10% pc defense)

May 26:
Initial turn 0 brigades for some kingdoms were adjusted
Popcenter loss divider value (defensive value that limits the amount of damage taken during battle) was increased by 20% making all pc battles tougher. Also, if the popcenter has a fortification built, the loss divider for the pc gets an additional bonus.
Upgrading a fortification with a better version (e.g. fortress into a castle), stacks pc defense values
High Priestess divination for random artifact names was improved for better results
Building a forge now costs 20,000 food and 20,000 gold. Equipping a group with forged items was increased to 20,000 food and 20,000 gold.
Validated numerous items on Rick's list

Dec 25, 2020 Winter Update
See post below for detail

Attached Files
.docx   4th Cycle Release Notes.docx (Size: 228.28 KB / Downloads: 8)
The new Maelstrom Valhalla website will look a bit different than The Choosing in that the initial region that was chosen by the player will also be displayed as well. In addition, the number of games played may not match up if the player didn't last until the end of the game. See the attachment for an example.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
FYI, since Alamaze is running on a cloud server, there will be times when its response time may be slower than normal which may affect the Alamaze order entry website. To ensure that the website is fully loaded, I always click on the Load Orders button even at the start of a new turn that I know that I haven't entered any orders yet. Wait for the response in the window before continuing. See attachment. Also, I just made a fix for titling an emissary for Maelstrom games so when you have a chance, clear your browser cache to pick up the latest version of the files.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
To answer some questions by newbies recently, keep in mind that there are differences in the game depending on what version that you are playing. The Solo-Tutorial and Duel game formats that you started with uses The Choosing (3rd Cycle) version. Other games are now run with the Maelstrom (4th Cycle) ruleset since it is the latest version. There are differences between 3rd and 4th Cycle games such as your emissary/agent range is less, you have 10 points of kingdom customization to choose from, and you can build a bunch of buildings and fortifications to enhance your pop centers, etc. Read all about the Maelstrom (4th Cycle) version that is posted earlier in this thread. Actually, it may be a good idea for some of the newer players to read this entire forum thread for explanations of certain things like the importance of having a Sanctuary for your kingdom.
Upcoming changes for the Dec 25, 2020 Winter Update:

Map/Regional Changes:
   a. Stormgate (area NP) starts with a Castle and its village Cornucopia (area MQ) starts with a Motte and Bailey
   b. Coastal pc’s in all regions receive 15% bonus to food/gold/defense
   c. Zanthia mountain pc’s get 25% bonus to gold/defense
   d. Mythgar capital defense increased by 5,000 and group with an available slot receives a pwr-2 wizard
   e. Regional bonus of a second companion brigade (Krynn, Untamed Lands) of a Phoenix brigade for BL, RD will be added to the second group
   f. The Crown Islands gains Foreknowledge of a Quest artifact
   g. The Sword Coast gains Foreknowledge of an Excellent artifact
   h. Zamora gains Foreknowledge of a Superior artifact

Popcenter Changes:
   a. Base PC loss divider increases from 1.3 to 1.5
   b. Fortification loss divider increased from a general +0.4 bonus to:
       i. Mott & Bailey bonus +1.8
       ii. Castle or Fortress bonus +2.4
       iii. Great Castle or Citadel bonus +2.7
       iv. Legendary Castle bonus +3.3
Magic Changes:
   a. Wind Storm spell reduced -25% (was -50%) enemy long/short missile and -10% (was -12.5%) to own
   b. Bounty spell is reduced from 20% to 10% food production
   c. Summon Kraken spell is increased to 8 fleets quality 13 with general leader bonus (was 5 fleets quality 12)

Troop Changes:
   a. Brigade defense values increased 10% across the board except for BL, CI, GH, SA, SO, SK, UR, WL, ZO which increased 20% and AP, CH, GR, HA, LI, SW, TY, OR, WR, ZE increased 25%
   b. Brigade long and short missile values decreased -10% across the board
   c. Orc brigades capped at 15% morale bonus if 5+ brigades in group
   d. Goblin brigades capped at 35% retreat penalty if 3+ brigades in group

Regional Control Changes:
   a. Rex victory condition now 5 regions (was 4)
   b. Usurper victory condition removed from the game
   c. Tight Control now requires 100% of census

Artifact Changes:
   a. Plow of the Prophet artifact is reduced from 3x to 2x food production
   b. Ancient Ones kingdom no longer starts with Foreknowledge of Plow of the Prophet, replaced with Foreknowledge of a random artifact
Miscellaneous Changes:
   a. When creating a Sanctuary, removed the check if the ruler was slept to allow a kingdom to create a safe haven under duress
   b. In pc battle reports, fortifications are now listed under Combat Factors
   c. Group intercept text message now indicates morale loss amount
   d. Dome spell text message now includes map area for clarification
   e. Fixed issue where the wrong agent may be removed from the game if wore a Ring of Invisibility (thanks to DuPont)

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