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Anonymous Steel - Mid February 2015
Chivalrous Steel Anonymous

Guessing this will be the most in-demand format.

Post your involvement.  Chivalrous (players in 3 or less earlier games get first kingdom preferences, in order of signup, then all experienced players, in order of signup). Just the 15 2nd Cycle kingdoms anticipated, might allow some 1st Cycle if there is demand. This will be on the new platform.

Don't send kingdom preferences to until this game queue fills.

This will have Density in effect for Combat Spells, and likely artifact modifications, generally making them more powerful and having no disappointing artifacts.
I will play. When will one of the Druid or pirates be available?

How does it work if newbie wants your kingdom after others have made choices?
I'm in.
I'm in.
I'm in.

Harry O
In. I am in - I need to put in more than 5 characters so 'In' doesn't cut it. I will play! Sign up DuPont! What would be really funny would be if another player posted and knocked my down a slot while I am writing this foolishness.
Full on slots, but I pose a question for consideration.

What about extending the chivalrous benefit to people who are currently inactive, and have been for at least two months? Perhaps they could be in a second cohort, behind the newbies but in front of the regulars?

Just a thought to encourage some folks to return.

EDIT: DuPont... LOL! Smile

EDIT 2: Same offer that I made on the Warlords thread to any newer player here... since I won't be in this game, I'm happy to assist anyone with advice or thoughts!
Im in.
Lord Alz - "Jeff"
Arch Mage of the Ancient Ones
I assume that this is exploratory, with no high  priestesses or AN skills until turn 4?
Everything is Exploratory, so we don't even call it Exploratory anymore.

If we offer High Priestesses on T1 in the future, that will be the variant.

We will expand on the Chivalrous format sometime soon. We may have say 4 divisions instead of just new and experienced. Lower ranked players might get bonuses to treasury and perhaps a point of influence, and it would go the other way for the most experienced. This for our mixed experience games.

We have dabbled some with starting games of specific experience, we started a new player 3 x 3 in the last week or so. At our current player base, we probably would need to have those smaller sided games to differentiate on experience and not have people stuck in queue for awhile. Thus the reason for the above about doing a tiny amount of handicapping beyond draft position in mixed experience games.

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