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Defensive Obsolesence
I think the game mechanics need an upgrade as to pop center defenses. Certainly the 170/171 changes have helped but it's still basically impossible to defend your land based capital in the later stages of the game. In game 150 I lost my Troll capital to a freaking army of fairy elves on turn 21. The town had a standing order MAXIMUM ALLOWED defensive improvement for 12 consecutive turns. In addition to this it had the super powerful Horn of Intrepid (a completely worthless artifact post turn 3). Total defenses were over 45K. A large army of fairy elves took it while losing 4 brigades. Yes, he had a powerful army, yes he had powerful mages. But who doesn't at that point in the game? My point is that if one of the main objectives of a kingdom is to increase defenses at his capital- he should be able to do something more than add 3k defense a turn. 

Here are some ideas:

1- Allow garrisoning of leaders like in Fall of Rome. The bonuses can add up.
2-  Morale bonuses with extra rations.
3- Very expensive supplemental upgrades. Moats, anti tank obstacles, whatever. Make kingdoms pay but make them available.
4- Increase the value of the Horn of Worthlessness
Sad but true in some cases. 

Since taking Alamaze back at the beginning of 2013, almost every change I have put in has been opposed initially, then gradually or grudgingly accepted, then often endorsed.  But as I have posted elsewhere, we want to close the door on 2nd Cycle changes here shortly, so traditionalists have the game they know, and we will hold off on other changes, such as building improvements until 3rd Cycle.  

We may amp up the Flute of the Wary and some other artifacts in 2nd Cycle, but that's about it until at least 4th Scenario if not 3rd Cycle.

I know this line of reasoning never goes anywhere, but, here goes again, "What PBEM game has adapted more than Alamaze?"  Usual answer is we don't play those games, we don't care what they cost, we don't care how slow they are, we don't care how bad their customer service is, or that they don't listen to their customers, or haven't changed in 20 years.  
Oh yes, I totally agree. My comments are not intended for 2nd Cycle. More than happy to move on. I just wanted to remind you for 4th scenario and 3rd cycle.

To answer your last query, I don't know but do know that Alamaze is fantastic as evidenced for me that I've been playing it for 25 years!

Thanks for listening Rick.

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