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Request for Game Types
This might already be spelled out concisely somewhere but I think a thread in the Game Concepts section should be started that clearly spells out all of the different game types that are being used. Example Steel Anon Magic Warlord Titan..... it is a bit confusing
Lord Alz - "Jeff"
Arch Mage of the Ancient Ones
This is on the directory page for the category New Game Sign-Up description here on the forum:

Alamaze New Game Sign-Up!

Post your kingdom selection from those remaining available on the games next forming. 1. "Seeking" are games for newer players; 2. "Steel" is the standard format of 12 or 15 players; 3. "Anonymous" has no communication between the players; 4. "Primeval is a 5 kingdom, 5 player game" 5. "Warlords" is for very experienced players where each of 4 players controls 3 kingdoms. 6. "Titans" is for experienced Warlords players: 2 players control 6 kingdoms each. We generally anticipate the demand for the next game format or two and post a thread under Alamaze New Game Sign-Up with the specifics. 

Players should also be familiar with the Service Levels, for example a Warlords game requires the player to be at Commander Level or above, and counts as 2 game slots (for controlling 3 kingdoms).

Also, sometimes newly returning players ignore the noon Eastern deadline, thinking it isn't actual.  It is.

Generally, Classic games have a cycle of 4, 4, 4, 6 days, usually being Monday, Friday, Tuesday, Monday.  Warlords and Titans are once weekly, usually Wed, sometimes Saturday.

This forum has experienced players who can answer about any question, it is the best source for answers to game questions.  Emails to support should be completely specific, always addressing game, position, turn # and the exact details of any perceived problem and what the correct resolution should be.  Resources do not allow support to answer vague questions or requests like, "Review my turn and explain", or "My results don't seem right".

The forum is an essential part of Alamaze Resurgent (our return in 2013).  It is where players signup for new games, where we communicate changes in place or scheduled to be in place, updates most days on processing, or any delay in processing a game, and of course, a wealth of discussion among all things Alamaze.

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