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Anonymous Steel
12 Player Anonymous Steel

This will be an Anonymous Steel game, 12 kingdoms.   Kingdom assignment will be first to post, first choice as sent to  Send at least 4 preferences if you are not in the first three to post.

So post that your persona is in, here on this thread, but not your kingdom preference - send that to   This game will have player determined SVC.  

The three inactive kingdoms will be Ancient Ones, Demon Princes, and Underworld.
Jumpingfist in
Drogo In
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde
I'd like to play please. Thanks. 
Bash Grimtooth would like to sign up for this game!

Good gaming to all!
OK. I'll play.
(12-13-2014, 07:44 PM)mafmiller Wrote: OK. I'll play.

Me too
I'm in
If we post we want in, isn't the game semi-Anonymous?  the former Anon game I played I still do not know who is in the game and its over.
I'm in.

There are a few different ways Anon games can be set up.  This is the standard - players are known, their kingdoms will not be.  The three removed kingdoms are known in advance and are the standard ones.

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