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Hill Giants
Among The Chosen, it is thought either the Hill Giants or the Paladins will be selected in a given campaign in 4th Scenario. The choices should be equally appealing and selected differently based on that player's preferences.

The Hill Giants are not as strong as Stone Giants, but are likely at least as strong as Trolls. They are more magical than Stone Giants. They have several #565, special recruiting orders, including Ogres, Wargs, and Wyvern.

Their starting PC's are built into the surrounding terrain, and are at a 20% advantage. They likely can reshape conquered PC's to also gain this advantage.

They have a very good reinforcement schedule, as long as they are at least substantial in the capital region.

They have a bonus against The Tyrant and Northmen groups.

Their shaman-like magic means they are a little hard to understand initially, but they seem to gain respect quickly. Their court is above average.

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