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Anonymous Warlords Contest
(10-20-2014, 04:28 PM)wfrankenhoff Wrote: The problem with Romo is that his QB rating is impressive in the regular season, but he chokes when it counts. Romo has been starter since 2006 and the Cowboys have won exactly one playoff game during that time (their first win since 1996). Murray? C'mon...stop drinking the Koolaid. He'll crash back to Earth shortly.

I know you cowboy fans are excited--you get excited every year--and it always ends the same way.

It's ended spectacularly 5 times.
-The Deliverer
Well, we certainly ended some Giant aspirations.
And we'll return the favor in a couple of weeks Smile
Um, go Bears?
I do appreciate the good humor of our posters.
Back to our previous scheduled programming:

Two slots left for anonymous warlords contest!
Morgan Kane is first in Warlords wins...

He is in this contest, but there is no need to be afraid!

Lord Thanatos is second in Warlords wins...

I am in this contest, but there is no need to be afraid!

Are there two fearless Alamaze Warlords players somewhere in the land? If so, stand up now and be counted. Just need two fearless players willing to anonymously guide three kingdoms, following a draft, to victory. Angry
Lord Thanatos
Keep some dry powder. There will be an announcement next week about a Titans/Warlords championship. Oops - did I just pre-announce?
This thread is closed as the Warlords Championship took its place.

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