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#145 - New Player Primeval with Wizard Mentor
Looking forward to this unique format. The game is won in one of these ways:

1. One of the four non-Mentor players controls 4 regions - submit order #995 if you think you have it;
2. The Wizard Mentor wins if the game goes to Turn 24 and he controls no more than 1 region;
3. Otherwise the winner is by the Lion's Share - top status points at end of turn 24.

Be sure to avail yourself of Jumpingfist, the Warlock Mentor in this game!

Beatific - High Elves of the Golden Woods
Kain - The Dwarven Lords of the Talking Mountains
Panda - The Dark Skies of the Black Dragons
Ukla the Mok - The Gnomish Bastions of Alchemy
Jumpingfist - The Fiery Realm of the Red Warlock

We are pleased that our newest players have joined this game for the four corner positions. All four of them are in their first or second game!
So essentially use the mentor, but recognize he may have an agenda.Dodgy
Is this an exploratory game?
(06-19-2014, 11:55 AM)Beatific Wrote: So essentially use the mentor, but recognize he may have an agenda.Dodgy

The Warlock begins allied with all four other players. So he is not likely to be attacking anyone, at least not until someone is declared not an ally.

His agenda is likely to see that all four players do well and that, yes, no one runs away with it. Again, the Mentor has accepted this honor because he is experienced, has done well, and enjoys teaching Alamaze to newer players.
Truly no agenda other than to train you guys. Well maybe a little agenda but it has nothing to do with trying to win on T24.

Anyway. Our first turns are do Tuesday. The first step would be to post your emails here in the active game thread so others can communicate with you. I will will be working hopefully with all of you. You will want to have your turns done most likely Sunday for this first turn. Do not try and dig into this Monday night. If this is your first game it will take a long time for your first few turns.

The Red Warlock can be reached at
(06-19-2014, 12:21 PM)Beatific Wrote: Is this an exploratory game?

Yes. I can see I did not start with a high priestess so exploration it is. This is a good thing as the game is going this way so better to start out getting used to it.
Black Dragons contact info is :
"Have you ever considered piracy? You'd make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts."
Elves can be contacted at Email may change soon in which case I will repost. Jumping Fist, have you received your turn 0 already? I have not.
Uh oh. I did not receive my orders and Mok thinks that Panda received two sets. Houston, we have a problem.

That is THE Mok to you, Beatific. :-)

Gnomes can be reached at linder6 at att dot net.

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