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Game #107 - Team Game won by Guardians of Truth
I played this game as the GI and had two great teammates in the EL and WA. Our early goal was to secure Oakendell for the EL and Amberland for the WA with me going after the WI in the Mists. He got me good on turn two by showing up at Viperhead to kill my wizards meaning I had to siege the city. I really think the EL/GI/WA is not a fair combo for the WI because he's got a hostile team surrounding him, but we took advantage of it. We'd managed to get the neutral team onto our side as that would have been the only thing to make the difference, I think. The UN did his best to help the WI, but he had his own problems elsewhere. I eventually managed to take the Mists and then with a big fleet, I crushed the remaining WI towns and capital in the Sea of Terror. At this point, we felt the best option was to attack the other 'good' team as we had an agreement with the neutrals and the AN/RA/DW team looked to be doing well. The DW seemed to be the vulnerable player - my plan was to knock her out as fast as I could while my allies were tying up the AN/RA and then moving against the RA. It took a turn or two longer than I wanted because of bungled orders, but I felt we were in a good position. There were three strong teams with the two good teams in conflict and the Neutral team able to sit back and let things play to their advantage. Plus, a couple of 'evil' teams were still around to mix things up.
Unfortunately, our WA player had a personal problem and had to drop all his games. We asked for a replacement for the position as it was quite viable, but for some reason that I still do not understand, we were not accommodated in this. This made me very unhappy and I expressed this. The final straw was a couple of turns later when the game was delayed a day for another player's personal issue. I didn't object to that at all - I am all in favor of such things - but I just didn't consider the way our team had been treated was fair. With our WA position lost to us, the EL/GI had no chance to win - all we would be able to do was throw it to one of the other teams and I just didn't feel like spending several turns doing that. My position was quite viable - had lots of gold, troops and emissaries, but I just threw in my cards in disgust - something I never do and didn't feel very good about, but it was the right thing in this game.
Nothing against the winning team, but I consider it a hollow victory. I would have loved to have seen how things would have played out if we'd gotten a WA player - I think it could have been epic (and I am in no way suggesting the WA/AN/DW teams still would not have won - they might well have).
I'll never play this format again. I won't be held hostage to a drop that cannot be replaced.

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