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Game #107 - Team Game won by Guardians of Truth
We didn't intentionally move on a single Guardian pc. When we had divined and reconned them, they were all held by other kingdoms. If they landed on one of your pcs, they didn't take further action. Nor did our nobles take action against any pc with an AN/TR/DW flag.

That was an interesting interpretation by the Dwarf. I will keep that in mind moving forward. Smile

The SO did do some last turn declarations, but neither the RD nor GN declared your team enemies. That would have been the next turn.

I think this format would be a lot more fun with just four teams instead of five.
 Lord Diamond

Please do not take any of my comments as a personal insult or as a criticism of the game 'Alamaze', which I very much enjoy. Rather, I hope that my personal insight and unique perspective may, in some way, help make 'Alamaze' more fun, a more successful financial venture, or simply more sustainable as a long-term project. Anyone who reads this post should feel completely free to ignore, disregard, scorn, implement, improve, dispute, or otherwise comment upon its content.


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