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Game #107 - Team Game won by Guardians of Truth
I was the Black Dragons, with two formidable teammates who ruled the Underworld and the Witchlord. Things went downhill from turn 1.

I mistakenly entered a Raise Influence order on turn 1 instead of Enamoring the Southern Sands. I was short gold on turn 2 and my emissaries couldn't take Vanasheen. I arranged a trade/gift with the Underworld that didn't go through because he didn't notice a Ranger group at one of his PC's which attacked and caused the trade to fail. It took about six turns to get done what should have been done on turn 2 or 3.

I had an informal agreement with the Ranger, and we didn't mess with one another. I had virtually no contact with the Dwarves or Ancient Ones.

Soon I was facing a two front war with the Red Dragons rampant in the west supported by the Gnomes, who shared Runnimede although with the Red having control, and the Sorcerer from the east. I had some forrays into Synisvania with marginal success, but ultimately it was a beatdown. The Underworld resigned early, the Witchlord had his own difficulties, and by turn 18 or so I was merely a nuisance, or perhaps a distraction to The Secret Society.

Near the end I had divined Red Dragon villages, as I was now in Runnimede, with the Southern Sands overrun by enemies. I was impressed with both the number and varied regions of his villages, and thought the Rex of the Red might win by secret victory.

I recommend him for Infamous standing, not so much for any smack talk or poetry, but for the best example of Red Power I have seen so far.

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