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online order submission and error checking
I have some good news for some of you.

The Alamaze online order checking program is nearly complete for players to verify their orders before sending in their turns. I originally wrote the code back in August and just got notice from Rick that it's needed so I'll try to finish it within a few weeks or so. It would have been easier for me to code it last summer but I'll see what I can do during my spare time during these holidays.

I have loaded the front-end of the online program to a free web server for you to sample if you wish. Here's the link:

Just keep in mind that since the software is not located on the Alamaze game server, you won't be able to verify your orders just yet. This is just a preview of the user interface so check it out and post any comments.

I threw in a sample error file on the server if you enter (game 100, turn 1, troll) to see various error messages being displayed.

I disabled the Submit Turn button but this future enhancement will allow you to send in your turn entirely online. No more spreadsheet files to email!!!

More on that later...Smile
Well done, unclemike!
-The Deliverer
Yay! It will be very much appreciated! Smile
Thanks Unclemike that is great news!!
(12-15-2013, 11:28 AM)Hawk_ Wrote: Thanks Unclemike that is great news!!

I'll use it.

But I won't be happy about it Smile

Well done! We all appreciate the hard work!
I did learn one thing from my "mentor".
This is wonderful news indeed!

I was able to convert my program into javascript (which is safer for the users than perl or other server-side language) over the weekend and it works ok. I only lightly tested it but it's good enough for now. Let me know if you find any errors and I'll make the fixes.

Moved this subject to the Alamaze Rules and Resources area for future reference. Please read the Word document in that posting for more info.

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