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New Map: Alamaze Resurgent!
Attached find the Alamaze Resurgent map. You'll want to zoom the view in the attachment and close the slide panel on the left. Enjoy.
Please post any comments on the same-named thread in General Discussion. Thanks.

Map updated 11/26 with a few minor changes including adding the Fire of the Void. Also added a version with a somewhat darker grid and a PDF format map.

[Image: alamaze-resurgent-map.jpg]

Attached Files
.pptx   Alamaze Resurgent.pptx (Size: 1.67 MB / Downloads: 17)
.pptx   Resurgent darker grid.pptx (Size: 1.73 MB / Downloads: 7)
.pdf   Resurgent darker grid.pdf (Size: 1.65 MB / Downloads: 33)

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