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Game #111 - Anonymous No More
(11-22-2013, 03:12 PM)Yellowbeard Wrote:
(11-22-2013, 02:32 PM)Acererak Wrote: I think one thing that should happen at the end of all Alamaze games is after victory is declared each remaining kingdom gets a wrap up turn that includes all remaining kingdoms final turns in one big pdf (with personal information removed of course). That would be awesome.

That is a great idea!

I agree, really cool idea!
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 Lord Diamond

Please do not take any of my comments as a personal insult or as a criticism of the game 'Alamaze', which I very much enjoy. Rather, I hope that my personal insight and unique perspective may, in some way, help make 'Alamaze' more fun, a more successful financial venture, or simply more sustainable as a long-term project. Anyone who reads this post should feel completely free to ignore, disregard, scorn, implement, improve, dispute, or otherwise comment upon its content.


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