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Game 115?
Can i change my choice from DE to EL? Been reading, and i am a total newbie, think i am better off starting with a less complicated kingdom. maybe try DE or AN down the road. thanks.
Troll Uprising - Wynand
Witchlord - Yellowbeard
Ancient Ones - Mauler
Elves - Hamlet
Gnomes - Helix
Dwarves - Clavatus
Darkelves - Jumbie
Sorcerer - Hile Troy
Red Dragons - DuPont
Rangers - Destitute Noble
Underworld - Cargus10
Giants - Geryon
Red Warlock - Mokkaron

BL and DE are left!
I'll give the DE a go in this one if it's still available!
Great! Just BL and this one's ready to launch!
I'll take the BL.
(10-19-2013, 01:41 AM)Hile Troy Wrote: Outstanding!!!

If this game starts before the 28th, I'll have to drop....I'm out of pocket for most of next week and would hate to start off missing the first turn.

Any chance turn 1 could run a week Monday?
I know it's a lot to ask...

I'm cool with that.
(10-19-2013, 09:39 AM)Mauler Wrote: I'm cool with that.

While it took a long time for the game to fill, I'm fine with putting it on hold another week. I will also be traveling quite a bit next week, so this would take a little pressure off me as well.
I'm okay with that. I'll use all the extra time for diplomacy to scheme against the TR kingdom. Big Grin

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