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Duel 2 Alamaze - Game 105 Remembered
I played the Demon Princes in this game. Hawk , myself , and the Silent One, having played before, decided between us pre-game to not go after other kingdoms until at least turn 10. This would allow the new players to get their collective feet wet with the game mechanics before having to face competition.

I took my region fairly quickly , turn 3 or 4 if I remember correctly. I then just spent time looking for artifacts and leveling wizards. I didn't have any real contact with other kingdoms besides answering a random question here or there. I used my wizards and agents to watch my neighbors , many who struggled early due to messed up orders and missed turns, sending turns to .com instead of .co ( this happened to at least 5 people in this game.) I could have expnded easily early but it went against the spirit of the game we had started so I sat pat and just did my own thing. This turned out to be a BIG mistake.

Around turn 12 I got a visit from the combined forces of the GI,AN, and TR. I was a little blind sided by it as I assumed everyone was plodding along doing their own thing like I was. Oops!!! They quickly gobbled me up over the next 3 turns. By turn 15 I had not a single PC. I was lucky though as I had built up quite a food and gold stock pile that it allowed me to hang in there. I ran from Arcania into Runnimede where I was able to regroup. I was also very lucky to get out of Arcania with 3 of my 4 demon princes left , 2 big decent army groups around 45k each including a nice group of wizards( skeletons rock in this scenario as not having to feed/pay them saved me big time.)

I was able to break the TR hold on Runnimede several times over the next few turns but I was never able to get back into the game in any real manner that would affect the outcome. The fact that the TR,AN,GI was so well organized , later adding the WI and EL , in contrast to the rest of the kingdoms who kind of all worked very loosely together made all the difference in the later game. I hung in until the bitter end and tried to be as annoying as possible to the TR and AN.

A big congrats to Tripwire for his game well played. I knew from facing him in Hyborian War that he would be a natural at the game and his win proved me right.

As for award nominations ....

INFAMOUS: Tripwire is my choice here. His TR armies seems to be everywhere and he mixed it up with almost every kingdom on the map. His 250,000 gold bid for a HC seat late game was something I likey won't see again!!!

CHANCELLOR - Hawk gets my nod here. Not only was he the mastermind of the winning alliance. ( their alliance finished placed 1-5 which was pretty sick!!) He was very helpful to the new players helping check order entries, answering game mechanics questions , and helping with strategy.

IRON WILLED- Destitute Noble- Never gave up despite early set backs. Was a continous thorn in the side of the AN,TR,GI alliance. Like me was down to no PC's and despite that mananged to hang around until the end game.

I am really looking forward to our next game. Of the 15 that started in 105 we are going to have 13 continue on to our next one. We are thinking of a team format ( 5 teams of 3 ) where there will be no diplomacy or help outside your teammates. We will have the regular victory checks but are also going to have a team winner that will be determined by the avg placing of you and your 2 teammates. Should be a blast.

106 UN
110 ???
112 GI

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