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Duel 2 Alamaze - Game 105 Remembered
Congratulations to Tripwire leading the Troll Uprising to victory in G105. How did it happen? Who did what to whom? What were the key moves? Did mostly a group of new players hang in until the end against all odds?

Don't forget to nominate here your Recommended Commendations (described again in the 108 thread), and its personas, not kingdoms, and some explanation for why you nominate them. Sounds like there could be plenty in this game that has gone the longest so far in Classic!

Here was the player roster:

The Dark One Witchlord
Nikodemus Demon Princes
The Silent One Red Dragons
Otto X Elves
Sarokith Rangers
Stillgard Dwarves
Destitute Noble Warlock
Hawk Ancient Ones
The Upright Man Underworld
Daikkan Giants
Tripwire Trolls
Kulvac Black Dragon
Nitnux Sorcerer
Ben Delat Dark Elves
Manager Gnomes

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