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Order #960 (Steal Artifact)
I am greatly confused about the use of column E in order #960.

The body of the order suggests one must specify column E when stealing from a group -->

"Should the artifact be in possession of a group, then Column “E” must be within five (5) areas of the group’s location."

However, the note below the order suggests one only need specify column E if the group is ambushing -->

"A level 7 agent/fanatic or higher can attempt to steal an artifact from an ambushing group by limiting his/her efforts to only a single area. Add the area to Column E."

These two sentences seem to contradict each other. Bottom line question, should I specify column E if I am stealing from a non-ambushing group?

Based on the lack of response, I guess others are also unclear on this. Can I get a clarification please?

Originally, an agent was able to search 10 areas from his location in all directions to find the target group holding the artifact that the agent was ordered to steal. This creates a 21 x 21 grid, or 441 areas that could be checked for a well placed agent. The entire map only has 676 areas.
Column E was added to narrow the search area that the agent can undertake to locate the target group.
Column E also specifies a SINGLE area to search for the group in ambush.

This still gives the agent the ability to cover up to 121 areas within his 10 area range, and a single area to target an ambushing group.

SO - If an agent wants to steal an artifact from a group:
The group must be within 10 areas of the agent's location AND
The group must be within a 5 area range from a specified starting search area (Col E)
If the group is in Ambush, the agent must have specficied the location in Col E exactly.
If the group is invisible, artifact theft will fail.

Please reply with additional questions, or if this did not help
Very helpful since this gave me fits a while back for the similarly worded assassinate leader mission.
Thanks so much for the clarification!

This may be a good type of clarification to add to the Commands document.

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