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Bribing Captured Emissaries
Hi all,

A few questions.

1. Is there a chance an agent gets caught or killed bribing an emissary that has been caught and in your dungeon?

2. If an emissary knows a skeleton, can you power level an agent by repeatedly bribing him in the prison (i.e. gain an agent level with each success)?

3. Is the chance an emissary knows a skeleton checked with each attempt or just once? In other words, if an emissary doesn't know a skeleton with an earlier successful bribe attempt, is there a chance an emissary would "learn" a skeleton for a subsequent attempt?

Thanks so much!
1) No.
2) Yes, but may cost more than just training since you still pay the cost of the emissary.
3) Each attempt.
-The Deliverer
So with enough effort and time, you could get a skeleton even out of an envoy? That is interesting, and news to me. Thanks for the info!

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