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We will be processing all ALAMAZE Classic turns on an updated schedule.

1. There will be 2 processing rates: 4 day turn cycles and 7 day turn cycles
2. No turns will be scheduled to process on Saturdays/Sundays (due dates that fall on Sat/Sun will be pushed to the following Monday)
3. ALL orders will be due by 12pm/NOON (Eastern US) on any/every due date

So, with a 7 day turn cycle, games will process on the same day of the week for each turn processed.

With a 4 day turn cycle (w/no Sat/Sun processing), there will be a regular pattern of due dates: M->F->Tu->M->F->Tu
In fact, no matter what day of the week a given turn may run on, eventually that game's processing will fall into this pattern.

This provides for 7 results sets over a 30 day cycle for the 4 day turn around and slightly more than 4 results sets over a 30 day cycle for the 7 day turn around.

We are going to stagger the 4 day cycle games so that some fall on the M & F processing during a given week, and the balance fall on the Tu processing of that week.

Games for the 7 day cycle will be scheduled for Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For example, if games 104, 105 & 106 will be due on Monday (with the following turn's orders due that Friday), we will have games 108, 109 & 110 due on that Tuesday.
The following week, games 104, 105 & 106 will have their orders due on Tuesday, while games 108, 109 & 110 will have orders due on Monday (and Friday).

This will likely provide game results to spread across different days, as not all games will process on the same days - something the poll results showed as a desired by the players.

This will also allow slightly more time for any issue resolution to be completed before the next turn due date. We have had a couple of issues recently that left little time for the player to work in their trouble resolution before the next set of orders were due.

We will continue to schedule Warlord and Titan games on 7 day cycles, HOWEVER, as with any game, if all orders are in, the game may well run earlier than scheduled. This 7 day cycle does guarantee Warlord players more than 12 result sets/month and Titan players over 24 result sets/month per game.
Games 104, 105 & 106 processed Monday, July 29th. Their next turns are scheduled for Friday 8/2, with a noon, Eastern US deadline for order submission. (The following turns will be scheduled for Tuesday 8/6)

Games 108, 109 & 110 are scheduled to be run on Tuesday, July 30th, same noon, Eastern US, deadline for orders. The NEXT set of turns for these games will be scheduled for Monday, August 5.

Games 107 and 11 are scheduled to be run on Wednesday, July 31st - same noon, Eastern US, deadline for orders. Their NEXT turns will be the following Wednesday (August 7).

Games 205, 206 & 207 also processed Monday 7/29, their next scheduled due dates are 8/5, but as there are only 2 players in each of these games, they will likey process sooner, provided all orders are submitted earlier (same situation for all games as well).

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