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Reflecting on Game 100 - The First Alamaze Classic Game
(07-13-2013, 09:56 PM)Jumbie Wrote: Paway, any regrets? Things you wish you had done differently? I don't mean knowing what you know now about what people were up to, e.g. Thanatos. But things you would now do differently in the same position with the same knowledge.


I wish I had continued attacking the Ancient Ones after I thought they had dropped.

I wish I had protected my wizards better and developed my agents early on.

I wish I had built up a navy sooner and attacked that Village in the Sea of Foreboding containing the Level 14+ Agent that had been plaguing me. Was nice to pick up the extra victory points at the end, though (I figured the game was ending, so I cancelled my "execute all enemy captives" standing order on the final turn).

And that's just for starters! I'm sure I can think of plenty more.
Silent One

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