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Reflecting on Game 100 - The First Alamaze Classic Game
I'm sure everyone has been waiting for a report from the 9th place Trolls, so...

This was my first game in 20 years, second game ever.

Because both my ESO and my SVC did not require me to control a region, my turn 0 game plan was to go after villages, spread out into multiple regions, and try to stay under the radar as best as possible. By turn 1, this plan was over. Lucky Tiger, at the helm of the Ancient Ones, opened the game with a turn 1 denigration of my Trolls in Torvale! My plan quickly became: crush the Ancient Ones militarily. I made deals with the Elves to the north and the Gnomes to the south to stay out of each others' regions so that I could focus solely on the Ancient Ones. I was able to find and capture his capital pretty quickly, and that was followed by him missing a few turns. For the first of several times, I thought Lucky Tiger had dropped, and so I turned my sights elsewhere.

Elsewhere was Amberland. I had gained control of Torvale and I wanted to keep the momentum going. The Warlocks had taken my town in Amberland early on, so I figured he had it coming. Halfway there, the Underworld (Lord Thanatos) launched a surprise attack on my PCs and emissaries. I had the Crown of Anzu stolen. I had my King kidnapped. Emissaries were flipping all my towns and villages, but his armies were nowhere in sight. I tried to keep my military offensive going into Amberland for a turn or two, but quickly had to recall my armies to Torvale to play whack-a-mole against the UN and the re-energized AN: racing around the map whacking PCs with my club. I consider myself lucky that my King was able to escape on the turn after his capture. I never did recover that Crown of Anzu, though.

The rest of the game saw me battling against two veteran players, one crippled (Lucky Tiger's Ancient Ones) and one attacking from a place of relative safety (Lord Thanatos' Underworld). With the help of the Ancient One's natural enemy (Lord Diamond's Demon Princes), we were able to render the Ancient Ones almost entirely harmless by the end. Thanks to some information sharing with the Black Dragons (Lord Frost), I was able to go on the offensive and put some serious pressure on the Underworld, taking his capital a couple times and stripping him of many of his other PCs.

All in all, it was a great crash course on Alamaze after all these years, and it was fun mixing it up with Lucky Tiger and Lord Thanatos. That said, with Torvale being a complete quagmire, I was quite happy to see the game end.

Congrats again to the victors, Lord Diamond's Demon Princes and Morgan Kane's Elves.
Silent One

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