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Game Master Training
We may be looking for an Alamaze Master of Games. Maybe. This to supplement the efforts of the amazing Cipher - he will still be with us, but some of his attention must be placed on the next world-to-be.

This person would have to be of outstanding personal character and integrity, unflappable in the face of unjustified and unforeseen and ridiculous innuendo and personal insult, completely and utterly reliable and dedicated to ultimate player experience and delight, and happily work at his revered craft for free, or nearly so.

We can only take a couple. And there will be some legal papers. But you would be in-charge of your worlds. Not everyone can claim that. In fact, I know of only two....

If interested in at least a six month mission (with vacations allowed) in this esoteric world, contact with some explanation for your insanity that would appeal to us. Yes, I mean it.

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