Poll: What do you think turn processing should look like?
This poll is closed.
As Is: twice a week on fixed days
11 61.11%
Too fast/like fixed: once a week, but on the same day (diff games might be on diff days)
2 11.11%
Good Speed/floating: 4 days per turn is good speed, but prefer the due dates to float rather than be fixed
5 27.78%
Too Fast / Float: once per week is the rigth speed, but would like due dates to float rather than be fixed
0 0%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
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As promised, revisiting processing schedule...
We've run for 2 weeks on Mon/Thurs processing and I am interested in feedback on how you like it.

I've created a poll to revisit fixed/floating due dates, and also around turn length now that over 40 turns have been run across the active games.

I'm fine with 2 per week but having them all due the same day/time playing multiple games can be rough. On the flip side it's your time and of course then people will create the thread about not remembering which day which turns were due and that "confusion" sad story stuffWink

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