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Game Processing News
There was a condition which prevented the following games from processing properly:
  5071 turn 32
  5080 turn 14
I had to restart the program a couple of times so the above two games may have received multiple emails. Use the last one that you received as the official turn result for your game. The restart occurred around 7:30 pm EST.
Rick McDowell was admitted to the hospital on Friday (Dec 15). He passed out twice at home and was admitted to the hospital for further testing. His wife mentioned that he'll be out of commission for 4-5 days. Let's hope all is well with him and his family.

Alamaze games will continue to run as normally but let's hold off on creating any new games until he gets back. Thanks for your help.
As of today, there hasn't been a change in Rick's condition. He's still in the hospital and heavily sedated. Let's hope he gets better soon and I notified his wife that he and his family has all of our support.

Regarding games, I'll try to keep the system running if anything comes up but we have to consider the possibility that game processing may be delayed or even shutdown for a certain period of time. Nothing to do with our automated system but rather due to the server's bill not being paid in time.

I've already contacted Rick's wife about the situation and hopefully Rick has automatic payment setup but if not then the server may be shutdown if the monthly bill isn't paid in time. So if the games suddenly stop processing or if you cannot logon to submit your orders, it may be due to the server being disabled/shutdown.

I don't know if the bill is due on the 1st of the month or another day so the interruption of games may become an issue at any time during this period. I'm in contact with Rick's wife and trying to ensure that payments are being made in time but try to understand that this is a delicate situation and there may be a delay in such matters.

If something like that happens and recovers later on, I'll contact everyone through their registered email address (where you receive your turns) that Alamaze is back up and running and games may continue. So if there's an interruption of service of some kind in the next few weeks, check your email every once in a while for the recovery notice that everything is back to normal.

In addition, there's also the possibility of the Alamaze websites not being paid/registered on time as well. I checked their expiration dates and the forum may be the first one to be temporarily shutdown if there's an extended illness: website (forum website)
    expires: 2018-01-29 (official Alamaze website to attract visitors)
    expires: 2018-02-03 (fall of rome stuff)
    expires: 2018-05-10 (Alamaze order entry, game queue, Valhalla)
    expires: 2018-12-09

Those are just the website registration dates. The web hosting contracts which are separate than website registrations may have different dates but typically they are due at the same time as website registration.

So I'm trying to ensure that everything continues to operate as normal but we need to consider the possibility of a temporary interruption of service if there's an extended illness. If so, I'll continue to work on the matter so that everything is back up and running as normal. Thanks for your understanding.
See the following for a possible alternative to keep games around:
There's an issue with the game's user accounts after the forum rollback so all games will have to be temporarily suspended.

I'll try to get things running again but I wasn't aware of the forum rollback. I took a break from the forum for a short while on someone's advice and this significant event of restoring an older version happened while I was gone. If I had known, I would have advised against it.

Rick, please inform me in our private email on what you did or asked the web hosting company to do. I need to know the specifics to repair the state of our semi-integrated system that our game server has with forum accounts.

More detail to everyone later on...
While in the hospital or as being released, something caused four active player forum accounts to be permanently deleted, along with their forum personas and all posts they had ever posted.  While as an Admin of the forum, I could for example remove a ban on a spammer, I couldn't restore those four deleted accounts myself.  So I contacted the forum hosting company to roll back the forum to the day before the first deletion. 

Based on my Star Trek graduate degree in temporal mechanics, this reset should restore the accounts at the expense of the forum posts of Jan 7 - Jan 11 which was also the period of all the scuttle butt and for example 9 pages of forum trying to decide on a game variant.  So if it worked, it seemed a good trade off. 

Forum Accounts and posts restored:
Rellgar     607
John Doe  430
Acererek   735
Ohman      396

Many of these posts form an important part of the knowledge library on the forum: they are back.

The effort and constant communication with the hosting company through the entire week finally resulted in success last night.  The four accounts and the related 2000 posts have been restored.  Also, the block on their IP addresses should now be removed.

However, Mike will need to ensure the Order entry for those accounts has been restored.  That may take a bit of time.

I realize some players who were not effected may not have seen some of the notices of what was going on. 

As I've said I won't let anyone feel they have been harmed by this series of events.  If you feel recompense for you is required, send a message either to or to my private account at
I have to shutdown processing games for a while until I investigate an issue. Will notify when things are back up.
(03-18-2018, 09:08 AM)unclemike Wrote: I have to shutdown processing games for a while until I investigate an issue. Will notify when things are back up.

Back up 8pm EST...
Games due Saturday night through now (Sunday morning) have not processed.

The IBM hosted server is shown as "undergoing maintenance" so would not allow a reboot.  I have a ticket into IBM.
Got this reply to the ticket - no time frame specified:


Thank you for reaching out in regards to this. Allow me to apologize for the inconvenience. This device's host is undergoing maintenance, so all administrative actions on the virtual devices within have had their abilities limited during this timeframe. Once the maintenance completes, all functionality will return. Again, our apologies for this inconvenience.

Thank you,
Mike H.
Compute Support Engineer
IBM Cloud Support

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