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Game Processing News
Game 512 Turn 31 ran into an issue today. Fixed it and sent out emails around 4:30pm EST.
Game 48 Turn 11 was a bit late today due a text message that had to be fixed. Turn was processed around 1pm EST.
Those who are following national or global news know the largest cyber attack in history is underway.  A reboot helped yesterday (Sunday), then late Sunday night the attack took phase 2 and after a couple hours with our hosting service, was able to restore things again.  The bad news is a third stage is expected.  150 countries have been affected.

I hope players know that I cannot control global cyber attacks.  Hopefully no one rage quits over missing a turn.

Meanwhile, until the smoke clears on this, please submit your turns early to not have to worry close to the deadline about whether access is available.  Its actually good advice even in fair weather: get your core orders in at least, early in the turn cycle.  Sometimes you might have your own computer issue or your ISP may have problems (Time Warner kind of notorious for that).
It looks like games will be frozen for awhile.  The plan is after specs are decided I buy a Dell server to be hosted locally.  I am hoping Mike speaks with my local tech guy Zac this evening to get everything perfect and I order from Dell tomorrow with expedited delivery. 

Meanwhile, it might not be a bad thing for all of us to take a breath for the first time in four years.  Subscription renewals will be rolled back. 

Thanks all for enjoying Alamaze.
OK, I think we have reached a decision to stay with SoftLayer under a new machine and new Windows operating system. 

So waiting for a couple emails on specifics but I expect we will be asking for a new machine tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.
From a message from Soft Layer, it looks like Mike has successfully ordered the server and it has been established.  Now the migration begins.
I haven't heard from Mike thus far on this Memorial Day Weekend.  Not sure what the status of the migration is, but did confirm with Soft Layer the server has been established.
Mike, through heroic efforts over a holiday weekend (BTW, I wish more Americans understood Memorial Day) has games under testing for conversion to the new server. 

I apparently screwed something up in the server pointing DNS conversion as I suspected I might.  So my guess is a couple days away.  Mike has indicated 6/3 next turn dates for most games and 6/6 for maybe a couple. 

That's today's update.
OK Folks, I am out a here for a week.  Off to Vancouver and Seattle with the wife and kids.  Everything should run as normal and when back you'll likely be invoiced (what?!) and The Gray Mouser will look to get into a game and I expect shortly afterward I'll have all my dastardly designs to Mike for Maelstrom.   Mike likely will answer any support
questions in the interim.  Peace. 

Here is my vacation packing music:
Just wanted to thank the people who have brought their accounts up to date.  I know it can seem expensive, but trust me, I'm not getting rich. So everybody, please pay the invoices when you get them.  We don't have a big reserve.

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