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Game Processing News
Game #306 - the first 5 v 5 team game was created today.  Should be interesting.

Mike has been swamped for the past 10 days or so with some earthly responsibilities.  Not sure when the third beta for The Choosing will start, still hoping for sometime this weekend.
I've got The 3rd Cycle Commands pretty close to ready, there will be lots of revisions to the General Rules in 3rd Cycle as well, but I think I can have those about ready by Wednesday.  With luck, we'll get the dossiers and Turn 0 for the third beta out around Thursday targeting a first turn due Monday.
We're pleased that we have launched the first four games of Alamaze 3rd Cycle: The Choosing, over the past two days.  It has been two years of hard work to get to this exciting point.  Each of the first four games was in a different format:
  • #507  1st Full-On diplomacy
  • #508  1st Alliance Victory
  • #509  1st Anonymous
  • #510  1st Primeval
Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm and patience as we undertook this journey.

Good hunting!
Our game servers, hosted by the world's largest server farm, are down for the moment.  They have a tech actively looking into it. 
Servers back up. Fairly extensive escalation at Softlayer.
Being down for 8 hours is pretty bad considering server hosting capabilities are supposed to be 99.99% reliable and always available online.

Game #45 turn 17 that was due yesterday was moved to the next normal processing date of Thur Mar 31 (since it is a Sun-Thur game). The turn was postponed to allow players to submit orders in case they had difficulties earlier in the day. I can't guarantee that postponing games can be done every time a problem occurs because if the server comes back up before noon, I may not be able to login in time and prevent our software from running it's normally scheduled task of processing games. So the games may run on time despite the server hardware/connection being down earlier in the day and preventing you from submitting your orders.

I encountered another server disconnection earlier today at around 12:45pm EST (after games processed) and it came back up just before 1pm EST. This is a problem on the hosting side, not our software or website, but the disconnection interferes with everything including my updates to the server so be certain to submit orders for your games at least 24 hours before the due date.

As mentioned above, I cannot guarantee that I can login in time to postpone a game from processing so it is your responsibility to get your orders in before the turn runs. So submit those orders early!!!
I will ensure if the servers are down a couple more times, we will find another solution.  In the meantime, I hope players realize we do pay for professionally maintained, hosted, world standard servers with complete backup.  I don't think anyone else in our "industry" does.

just to take a moment.  Thanks all for the support of 3rd Cycle: The Choosing.
Just a note - I am as much as 5 days behind in invoicing.  So when next month seems shorter than 30 days, that's why.  

Also want to say it is nice to see some of our absent players returning here with the advent of The Choosing.

Thanks all, we are off to a good start here with about 7 games started in the last 7 days.
Games 509 T13 and 514 T4 were rerun today due to an error with certain groups. Updated turns were sent out around 8:30pm EST so please use the latter version for your next turn.
Some of the games today had an issue emailing turns out to the players. System logfile shows:

javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: 535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: Connection lost to authentication server

Which means that the emails didn't go through for games 520 and 1020 but 48, 516, and 517 look ok. If you didn't receive your turn via email, you'll have to get it from the Kingdom Reports link (lower right corner) of the Home page.

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