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Game Processing News
Due to requests, I moved some games as the following:

Due Monday 12/28:
189 T21
190 T21
196 T11
198 T5
199 T5
228 T4
502 T9
503 T4

Due Wed 12/30:
41 T18
42 T8
193 T18
195 T18
197 T11
301 T6

Due Fri 1/1:
227 T6

See Mike's previous post about not processing Christmas day at the request of players and the revised next turn.  This was not easy, btw. 

Today we created Christmas Anonymous Steel #302, and Saturday Warlords #43.  We are filling the Championship games (Warlords queue coming) for 2015 Champions, and may post a thread for a mixed Primeval Chivalry game on Christmas.
Thanks to all our Alamaze players and guests for making 2015 a successful and eventful year for Alamaze.  It has been a pleasure to serve you.

Thanks also to Uncle Mike who has done incredible work throughout the year and really brought Alamaze up to a new standard, with more to come in 2016.

We'll look forward to releasing The Choosing to open enrollment by late January, and working on The Road to Alamaze, which has promise to serve as a tutorial, or solo game, and challenge duel between any two kingdoms.  Hoping we will have our ready button so that a challenge duel or the tutorial might be played in a day or a weekend.

Then as it seems we always intend but I keep pushing back, we will look to re-enlist our players on hiatus and reach out to all-new players, and of course, our existing players are our best opportunities to spread the word to their friends and other communities they may be in.

I'll be out of commission for about a week or so beginning early this Thursday, Dec 31.  So likely no new setups during that time, and apologies for anyone signing up who doesn't get a reply from us.

Let's have a great 2016!
I am back in my office after surgery over New Year's.  I'm ambulatory and should be back to full speed by Friday.  Had my prostate removed: every male in my family has had prostate cancer.  They think they got it early and the prognosis is very good.

We'll get a few new games ready for signup. 

I'll also make a couple posts on the betas' progress.  In general, I am hoping for a wider variety of feedback.  There seems a narrow focus in posted comments so far, with not much commentary on more than 100 changes in 3rd Cycle not found in 2nd Cycle.  Would like to hear more on the traits, special abilities, new spells, tactics, high priestess model, use of Stir Unrest, customization, etc. 

In general, have faith that all will be as it should be.  Some algorithms presently in place regarding battles may change, for example.  We'll get there.
My surgery issues have continued:  I was at the ER for 7 hours Saturday and a few hours Sunday, thought this morning I would be readmitted to the hospital but things got better and saw the surgeon at 3:30.  Unfortunately this evening the same things are happening so I don't know what to expect.  If nothing serious happens, I should be back to where I expected to be last Friday by a week from today (Monday).  Luckily, my wife is an RN, otherwise I don't know how I would handle all this from home.

I sent some notes to Mike before going in to the ER thinking I might be out of touch for a week, and he says he implemented them for today's betas.  So the things of most interest in the requirement for kingdom brigades was changed to any brigade(s) of the requirement, Veteran or Elite, so an Elite Goblin brigade would do the trick if one elite brigade is required.  Chance of brigade elevation increased by 15 to 20 points per type of encounter.   Regular brigades have a chance to advance after a successful village attack (not a big chance).  A group whose strength is greater than 500% of the opponent will not have brigades advance past veteran (used to be regular).

Still doing work on brigade elimination and may tweak the above a bit.  About 8 pages of other things coming before the third beta.
Yesterday we created a Titans game between Morgan Kane and Drogo.

Morgan Kane has the Black Dragons, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Rangers, Red Dragons, and the Witchlord.

Drogo has the Ancient Ones, Elves, Giants, Gnomes, Trolls and Warlock.

The first turn is Friday - maybe they will let us know how it develops.
Just a note: invoicing fell behind with my issues (I didn't think a Wraith should have those issues), by up to a week. So those invoiced today, you may get your next renewal in less than a month.

Also, a reminder to please pay your invoice the day received.
We created a New Warlords game with the renowned Morgan Kane granting Chivalry to all the other kingdoms not his own.  Interesting.  First Warlords for some of those beneficiaries of his chivalry. 

We also created a new Anonymous Steel Rex with Chivalry game.  Good to see those two start; we have a Primeval forming.

Thanks to Head Honcho for his help in both of those.
As of 11am Eastern today, the access to the order entry is unavailable.  Not sure when this will be restored as of now - I need Mike to look at it.
I was able to get the server host company to reboot the servers and order entry access is restored.

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