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Half orders
I have always thought that some of the group organizing orders (and perhaps others) take up too much space on your order sheet for how much they accomplish in the game. What is the possibility that some orders could be changed so that they only take up "half" and order, rather than a full order? Orders 702 and 740 come to my mind. For instance if you want to have half of two groups in two different areas meet up at a third location and combine: 702, 702, 720, 720, 740... seems like too much in the way of orders for what it accomplishes.
Maniacal Menace
While I agree that, hypothetically, some more flexibility in the combine/move orders might be needed (I'll let you know more after I actually play) I think that complex maneuvers of groups should be a strain on your kingdom. It seems the designers had this in mind too, since they put a gold/food/morale cost on the late movement orders.

One possible way to go about this might be to give some military kingdoms special flexible move/combine orders not available to other kingdoms to reflect the greater training/professionalism of their military. (I'll go suggest that over in the rule changes thread now...)

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