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First Warlords of Alamaze Game
We needed to make changes to some code and turn formatting to bring to life the first Warlords of Alamaze game: a game for five players each controlling 3 kingdoms that includes the Alliance Victory condition. This was formerly known as Epic. Epic now refers to any game format where players control more than one kingdom. Playing in Warlords requires Commander Level Service or above.
I would like in on that when it's ready.
Can we pick which 3 kingdoms at random, or do the kingdoms have to match up to the assigned team scenario?
I believe the teams will match the assigned kingdom scenario
Any chance someone could post the team assignments here? I'd like a little time to review the choices.
The Five Teams are:
The Secret Society - GN / RD / SO
The Guardians of Truth - AN / RA / DW
The Cult of Chaos - DA / DE / TR
The Order of Justice - EL / GI / WA
The Lords of Doom - BL / UN / WI
Do natural enemy considerations still apply in a game like this?

Are the 3 in alliance already automatically allies, bound without choice, or do they actually have to declare themselves allied?
They're allied and natural enemies are the same in all versions of "classic" Alamaze.
(04-12-2013, 03:39 AM)Kalrex Wrote: They're allied and natural enemies are the same in all versions of "classic" Alamaze.

See the attached which will be part of the new dossier for kingdoms in the scenarios other than Second Cycle of Steel (the one in play now).

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