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The Reign of Terror of the Red Dragons
Beach Patrol totally deserved that award. It deserved a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize even, but I suspect the voters weren't prepared to accept the hard insights to life that the story offered.

(Actually, I only mentioned Beach Patrol because I knew it'd get a rise out of you. Success. I should totally play TR next game. I'm good at it.)
I'll let u use my TR 103 notes if you drop your ranger position before turn 12
Why, what happens at 12? Do you turn into a pumpkin?
(05-18-2013, 10:13 PM)Jumbie Wrote: I don't need everything explained, but I like inconsistencies cleared up, for instance, if they had human henchmen for agent work, then they could have a few dragon riders along to use/investigate artifacts.

If they can't shift to human form then how do their agents stay covert?

If you were to say, "A glamour spell prevents anyone seeing their dragon form," then I'd be OK with that, but...

Well, confession time. I'm working on a wee bit of Alamaze fan fiction and it involves dragons and artifacts so I felt like working as much within the official rules of Alamaze lore would be best. "Beach Patrol" was such an inspired piece of literature that I feel the need to set adventures in Alamaze myself.


Once a long, long time ago, a fairly new D&D player in my campaign had a character who was killed and then resurrected by a High Priest of the Church of Ultimate Blueness. She was relieved, but then wanted to know what happened after she died, and before she was brought back. We laughed, she didn't. She insisted I tell her what happens after you die. Dead serious insisted, a couple times. It was a pretty detailed campaign, as you might glean, but may not live up to Jumbie standards.

As others have said, the mystery and discovery is part of the fun.
Did the High Priests of the Church of Ultimate Blueness look like the Blue Man Group? I need to know this.
(05-19-2013, 01:49 AM)DuPont Wrote: Did the High Priests of the Church of Ultimate Blueness look like the Blue Man Group? I need to know this.

The High Priest of The Church of Ultimate Blueness was Mennemik. He warned all that if any should mispronounce his name upon addressing him, they would be cast into the darkness eternal. Upon hearing this, most players imbibed what fortified libation was before them. And made a note.
No, Mennemik was not blue, Silly.

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