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Standing Orders
(03-15-2013, 06:43 AM)Sancus Wrote: The rule book states:

"Column A: The order # of the order you wish executed each turn, beginning in the current turn. Columns B-F: Complete the information required for the order entry exactly as it is required in these detailed rules. Of course, all required information will appear one column further to the right when establishing a standing order than it would when normally (eg- what would be normally be placed in Column A will appear in Column B of the Turn Input Form when establishing a standing order)."

This is a contradiction.

How do you use Column A for the order you wish to execute each turn when it is supposed to be shifted to the right? What goes into Column A exactly vs. others? It makes no sense. I am sure it makes sense to some. But, the words should stand on their own rather than require expertise to know how it works.

You probably wouldn't be confused if the rules just left out the sentence that starts with "Of course", and just had the parenthetical portion. Here's an example:

A normal recon order for area XX would look like this for character Sancus:

Order # __ A __ B __ C
__970 __ SA __ XX

For establishing that as a standing order, the order column is used to say its a standing order (#60), and the actual columns for the order are then shifted over one to the right when entering the standing order:

Order #__ A__ B__ C
__60__ 970__ SA__ XX

(Ignore the underscores, trying to simulate columns here.) Hope that clears it up. BTW, Lord Diamond has put together a wonderful "cheat sheet" which gives an example for correctly completing each command.

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