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New Player Tips
Production occurs sometime between order 190 and 200.

Orders earlier than that may impact production, such as combat and parley.

(03-30-2013, 12:11 PM)wfrankenhoff Wrote:
(03-30-2013, 10:28 AM)paway Wrote: Its been a long time, and I can't find the answer to this in the rules anywhere, so here goes.

Does production occur at the beginning of the turn or the end of the turn?

In other words, do I have a budget of my starting gold and food stockpile for turn 1, or my starting gold and food stockpile + my population center's production capabilities?

You can include the production from your pop centers.
New players should at least glance at this and feel free to ask me any questions! You'll see that I already answered the above question long before it was asked! Just read Kal Rex posts and soak in the wisdomSmile
I read your post weeks ago. Unfortunately, you have so much wisdom to offer that is impossible to soak it up all at once.

I was mostly reading and re-reading the rules and orders pdfs while working on my first turn's orders and could find no mention of when exactly production occurred. Thanks for the replies, everyone.
It's an amazing game. Don't let it overwhelm you early on and make sure and enjoy yourselfWink It's a very intuitive game once you get the orders figured out.
As with Kal, so with me: Please feel free to ask questions about anything regarding Alamaze. Can't promise I'll know the answer but I'll give it my best shot
From the old Oracle article quoted upthread...

Quote:Groups can rest, then be teleported.

Maybe back then. But the order description for 840 now specifically says that if a group is rested it cannot be teleported.

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