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Valhalla Archive
Hi all, with the new kingdoms added to Alamaze, we have to do some cleaning of the Valhalla records.

The stats won't be deleted, just archived, but the Valhalla website ( won't have access to the data. Rick and I will still be able to reference the data if ever needed.

This message is to let everyone know to take a last look at any Valhalla records that you may wish to retain for yourself before the database is cleared out. You may save a local copy of the web page by right-clicking the background and selecting Print then Save as PDF. The Print feature doesn't handle the scrollbar area very well, but you'll be able to save the page info to some degree.

See attachment as an example...

Attached Files
.pdf   Amazons Stats.pdf (Size: 209.53 KB / Downloads: 14)
I would like to do the cleanup either this weekend or the next so let me know if you guys need more time to make a local copy of your Valhalla records.
Valhalla is now cleared. Your records have been saved on the server but is not accessible unless requested. We needed to clear old records for the new MMXXII Summer 2022 release.
In case anyone is interested, here are the Excel Spreadsheet versions of the Valhalla database. One is for 3rd Cycle The Choosing and the other is for 4th Cycle Maelstrom before the MMXXII Summer 2022 Update.

Attached Files
.xlsx   Valhalla_3rd_Cycle_The_Choosing.xlsx (Size: 324.28 KB / Downloads: 2)
.xlsx   Valhalla_4th_Cycle_Maelstrom_Before_MMXXII_Summer_2022_Update.xlsx (Size: 282.07 KB / Downloads: 4)

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