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I'm a little confused on damage spells. If it says it does 500 points per level what does that mean? How do I know how much that will help me in combat?
Lt G,

That's the damage the spell does per level. So your Power 2 wizard will do 500 x 2 lvls = 1000 damage. That damage is then divided against your opponents defensive rating. Every brigade type has a different defensive rating and not all of them are known. An unfortified pop center has a defensive rating of 1.5. So if you attacked a PC with that spell the Power 2 wizard would do 1000 pts of damage, divided by 1.5 = 666.66. So 667 damage would be applied to your opponent.

I hope that helps.
So how much damage does a brigade have or a pc?
Every brigade type has a different value and a different defensive value. For instance Sorcerer troops suck and Red Dragon brigs are just awesome. The best way to figure out how tough your troops are would be to go to your own turn sheet under Military and look at your group. There will be a number "est value in current terrain" which is what your group will do against other groups and "est value against pc" which is what your group will do against a pop center. This number includes all brigades in your group modified by morale and leaders.

For PC's just go to your Economic section and find your list of owned PCs. Each one has its own defense value.

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