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The Whetting Wheel
Congratulations DuPont nicely done.

I really enjoyed the completely anonymous nature of this game and would love to see more of them.  So who was everyone??

          1     DU     DuPont                    44,774      61,529
          2     NE     CosmicWizard17            32,392      46,835
          3     UN     Brek                      31,285      44,323
          4     HA     Senior Tactician          29,090      42,397
          5     IL     uncledarkseid             18,092      28,609
          6     RD     Holding For Player         7,100      17,246
Damned Red Dragon, I tell you.  You'd best not identify yourself.  Completely abandons his two regions to go on a foolish quest doomed to fail when he knows the DU, who already has 3 regions, is looking at his two regions with drool running out of his mouth.  I basically ignored the RD attack on the sword coast which I took from the DA and went to defend HIS regions myself but the DU had a big jump on me.  Beat two of his groups in battle but didn't matter.

I did finally get to terminate a player in two turns like I have always wanted to try, turned off the DA like a light.  Rebeled every PC but 2 on the same turn I landed groups on the remaining, including his capitol.  Crushed his little group and grabbed his capitol.  Sorry dude.

I was the HA, by the way.  Of course.

Congratz Dupont, I'd have had you stopped if I had a few more turns.
Interesting, the RD made a mistake trying for Zanthia in the end I believe he lost 2 complete groups of leaders. His invasion set me back a step as well, I should have struck the DU, but wasn't expecting the RD to fall so quickly to Dupont.
Actually I sacced the RD capitol, twice.  DU took a bunch of the old RD stuff from me.
I was the WA, and I was awful. I raise my hand and hang my head in shame.

Never got off the ground. Played a war of attrition with the DW that amounted to whack-a-mole and right around the time that I was set to move on him, UN had beat me to it. And then UN decimated me as well. Smile

Good times.
Well, I did quite enjoy both the total anonymity as well as the 24 turnaround time. It gave me the patience to build that I don't often have.

I had set my alarm because I wanted to snag the UN in 5 but just as the time to sign up came, my damn internet went funky and by the time I got it sorted, somebody else had snagged the exact position I wanted! (Thanks Brekk, you fast-fingered twat!) Anyway, the DU in 9 was a nice consolation prize.

I got in an early tangle with the RA that I didn't want - he had a town in 9 and used it as a base to attack me. I had planned to see if I could quietly snag 13 and build but he had other plans, so I had to fight him off and after a few turns, was able to take the fight to him in #7. I was besting him - enough so that he decided to drop and I was able to take over his region as well. Having 3 made me feel like a big, fat target, so I kept my eye on everyone around me, denigrating them in my regions to discourage attacks and making sure they were not sending in sweet-talking people to improve their reactions. I thought the RD was most likely going to attack me, so I put a lot of effort into building up castles and getting wizards who could dome. But he kept ignoring me and going after other players - I started to think that I might do better to go north instead rather than poke the proverbial dragon.

But then he made a move on the town I had in 12 - I'd had it since the start and him trying that made me feel that the unofficial 'peace' we had was now broken so I again aimed my forces south. I jumped one turn after the HA, who I think was responding to a RD attack. Either way, I had hoped to take over both regions in one turn, but the presence of the 1HA at Blackfire foiled my chances of getting 12 the same time as 11 - I would fall just short. But I had all my groups in play and I'd moved in enough people - I did worry that a supergroup might land on Stormgate and take it from me, but I don't think anybody had enough time to react. It was a textbook case of a kingdom that was left alone too long with three regions. And with more time, I'm sure the HA would have sucked me into a real dogfight.

Anyway, congrats to all - I would be curious to know who the RD and RA were 'cause I always like to know who I fought afterwards. And I actually think the DU is a tad overpowered. Hope we do another one like this soon.

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