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2020 Championship results
(05-22-2021, 06:45 AM)Wookie Panz Wrote: Thanks to all those who played in the 2020 Championship.  Congratulations to the 7 who survived until the end and special congrats to Rellgar and and Dwellomir who finished 2nd and 3rd for podium placement.

             Victory By Lion's Share Is The Sorcerer Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-40  Grand Total

          1     SO     Wookie Panz               50,307      70,568
          2     DU     Rellgar                   43,960      67,492
          3     AN     Dwellomir                 42,346      66,815
          4     WA     HabeusCorpus              36,385      60,118
          5     DE     Agent Orange              22,584      39,976
          6     HA     Senior Tactician          22,984      39,681
          7     NE     The Painted Man           16,667      30,591

This one placed me in Darkover with the Sorcerer kingdom.  Without a hidden capital or water town to hide in this could be quite a challenge.  To my west in Crown Islands was the always clever Rellgar with the Druids.  At least it would take him time to develop his magic kingdom and like my SO, he was no early threat.  South in Triumvia was RD being run by P.T. , a huge threat for sure.  What could be worse than 1 dragon?  Two dragons, of course, and DuPont had the Black Dragons in Nyvaria.  As if that was not enough Pine Needle had taken Nyvaria with the lady Amazons!  Oh My!

Going way back in the brain banks I recall Uncle Mike having SO in a game and just about taunting anyone to attack him early as he had a plan to use all of his resources to quickly build some small groups who could cast multiple summon death spells and take out all comers.  I decided to try to get a couple of wizards leveled up quickly.  I had a p4 on turn 1 and had to skip one or two turns before making him a p5.
I was pretty certain one of these brutish neighbors would hit me early and I had little confidence that I could hold the region.  I made a decision I have rarely done.  In fact,  I can't recall ever doing it.  I opted for the minor E.S.O.  going for substantial in a region, 2 artifacts, and 3 x p4 wizards.

I've not saved all of the turns but I'll try to hit some key points from the turns I have and fill in from my fog of war brain.
My capital was in the plains south west of Ram Horn.  My 2nd town was in AM country and Ms. Pine Needle cut me no slack and grabbed it quickly.  In fact, I could smell her coming my way. 
On turn 6 I decided my capital in the plains was Amazon bait and moved it to Ramhorn which took me out of AM's preferred terrain and gave me 31k defense.  It was not a stopper but maybe a speed bump.  Checking reactions AM was at tolerant and everyone else was suspicious so guess which lady is coming for lunch?  We were going into late winter and I cast the first bounty in the game thinking I might as well let the world know I had at least 1 p5 to deal with.  About this time I am thinking of a plan B as  big Red has a couple of sea towns in Triumvia that I have spotted and I could move the capital there quietly and those dragons couldn't touch me.  RD was also busy fighting either NE or GN or both.  I enamor Triumvia.

Sure enough on turn 7 here comes Ms. Pine in her bestestess outfit trying to have me for lunch.  One army group went straight for my now empty former capital while an army went for a village and several other p.c. reported unwanted lady politicians.  I know this gal really loves me as she declared me enemy on the first turn of attack!

I'm missing the turns until turn 14 but I recall playing cat and mouse with Ms. Needle doing everything I could to avoid combat with her groups.  I was throwing regional spells pretty much every turn, sleeping with the lady pols and concealing my own and concealing my groups to get under her knickers.  If she took a place with groups my pols would take it back and be either concealed or warded most of the time.  My capital now has  a lovely water view in Triumvia's Tempest Sea with 9 cheap ships giving me some extra income.
On other fronts RD was fighting NE and or GN down south and DuPonts Black dragons were in Untamed fighting UN so I could give Ms. Pine my undivided love.  I'd never crossed swords with Pine before but his record showed obvious experience and this was a tough fight.
Turn 14 is a turn where lots of stuff happens.  I had just done my 2nd encounter, still trying to satisfy the minor e.s.o.  I'd been so busy trying to stay alive that e.s.o. had to be on the back burner but that last encounter did the job on turn 13 and dammed if it was not the PLOW!  I know a certain sea capital where it would be handy.  Oddly enough I never did lose control of the region and could have gotten the major e.s.o.  Go figure.

Well the ladies have come to dinner in force and here is the 5th AM army group with 17 brigades, a warlord, a lord commander and a p5 at Ramhorn, my old capital.  Between the demonic visions and the domes I had been serving up Ms. Needle was fit to be tied and wanted me for supper.  Ramhorn was still at 31K but more importantly I had 3 weak groups there.  The best had 5 brigades including 3 paladins and a p6.  There was another group with a p6 and 1 brigade and the last had a p5 and 1 brigade.  I had several other minor wizards but my missing group with a p4 was at my sea capital in Triumvia getting replacements and now had another division but could not make this party.  I'm thinking this is NOT looking too good.  I have 3 shots at summon death and I've been working on her moral for some time now but 17 brigades with lots of real quality troops against my weak offerings?

I'm waiting for the turn to run like a patient in the dentist chair waiting for the drill.  The turn comes and the first thing I see is the AM has a new warlord.  Not good.  Down the page reports that all three of my groups were defeated by the 5th AM.  Holy crap!  At least my emissaries did well.
Now the combat:
She was down to 8 brigades having lost 9 to summon death spells and she had very low moral.  Have you ever noticed that summon death has a way of finding the best troops?  Of the 9 killed 5 were elite and 2 were vets.  I think that was all of the AM lady's elite.
My first group had the p 6 and 2 brigades and lost 45.80 %
My second group had just 1 brigade and the p6 and lost 49.49%
the last group with 5 brigades lost 28.68%
Wow talk about close!  And it broke the siege Ms. Needle had planed especially for this party.
Now for desert.  Remember the army that was at my village?  Well it was an ape army and......:

All the monkeys weren't in the zoo.
Ms. Pine had hired a few (6).
To try to plunder a village or two.
But she should have picked the forest!

Apes rock at forest parties but this plunder attempt failed with 64% losses.  What was she thinking?  Maybe this was an attempt at getting brigade promotions but it only got a captain up to captain major.   This turn , 15, was the one that caused broke back AM and my wizards were riding horses from here on.  I'll post this portion now and finish up sometime over the next couple of days.

Stay turned for the end of AM, the conquest of BL, and many adventures with DE.  WA and DU even make appearances for the finale as our journey takes us south to Nyvaria, the Untamed Lands, Pelinor, and ends in Triumvia.

When we last left King Vanigus of the Sorcerer Kingdom the valiant AM had left legions of quality troops dead on the slopes of Ramhorn and piles of dead apes outside of a village on the shores of the tempest sea where an attempt to plunder a village failed.  Lady Pine fought on bravely for many seasons and more battles waged but her power diminished. At one point a regional spell caught a group of Druids and it was revealed that the clever Lord Rellgar had been scoffing relics from Darkover, taking advantage of the warfare that raged to pilfer encounters.
SO continued to raise orcs and ghouls and the fight shifted into the Crown Coast as he searched for he hidden capital.  Not a single population center was safe from the concealed and warded emissaries of the SO. On the 25th season the region was finally under control and recon of other regions has progressed.  At this point it seems a major war between RD, GN, and NE, has pitted some lethal players against each other in Triumvia, Zanthia, and Krynn.  DU is joining the battle as well.  On another front BL, led by the skillful DuPont, has been fighting UN in the Untamed lands since early in the game and it looks like Nyvaria is ripe for the taking.

Turn 30 status points show SO in 6th place, surely not on a path to victory but perhaps a podium position if we pick up the pace rapidly?
More turns pass as SO King Vanigus continues to recruit, builds forged weapons and armor, replaces and promotes and replaces the political corp, finally takes the now deserted AM hidden capital.

While on the trail of BL a wrinkled old crone crept into the SO camp one night.  She said her name was Flo and she wanted to trade protection for some of our holdings for a few coins and a hot meal.   She mentioned something about bundling  and we secured protection for some villages in western Darkover before she disappeared.

  Ravens reveal there is a BL sea town with a great castle in the Endless sea that will have to be taken by force, lest the BL capital transfer to it later.  On the 32nd season several groups are transported there and combined for the task as concealed emissaries flood the region.  The following turn the battle is fought and the regional control slips to neutral.  The highest wizards are needed for spells and the SO force cannot quite reach the BL capital as it is too far south. 
On turn 35 the BL capital has fallen and our forces have flowed into Untamed where BL had many more holdings.  The UN had surrendered but DE was also in the area fighting BL.  With no time to locate the hidden UN former capital DE holdings had to be taken to secure the region. 

With control of Untamed our forces now have 4 regions and we are flowing into Pelinor but the DE of Agent Orange is putting up a fight.  For the first time our emissaries are failing missions dispite the odds seeming to be in their favor.  Those dastardly DE Princes are screwing with reaction levels!  Several pc in Untamed are contested by DE but our groups are on the verge of taking Pelinor.  We have been trying to protect our holdings and have built 12 great castles across the lands and a legendary at out capital in the sea of Triumvia.

On the 38th season WA shows up in Pelinor with 4 army groups.  After sitting against the wall for the whole dance he shows up for the last song wanting to get his dance card punched. 
With both the DE and WA contesting Pelinor it's time to rethink things.  I have a large population at my capital in Triumvia and all of the fighting there has destroyed many of th eother population centers.  There are just one village, 3 other towns, and the major city of Imril left there.  The SO forces get their marching orders and relocate for the final battles on turn 39 while our other holdings are fortified.

Our final chance comes on turn 39 and a possibly fatal error has occurred.  Two of our army groups have marched to the same town in Triumvia!   At best we will have the city and two out of 4 towns and it may not be enough for control.
Not only that, but that always clever Rellgar has shown up in Darkover with all four of his groups!  Reports of his emissaries come from several hamlets.  Fortunately that protection we bought from Flo many turns ago has revealed several DU Princes in our villages and arrangements are taken to give them a sleep session.
Everything possible is done to increase population to hold Darkover and take control of Pelinor and Triumvia.  Two legendary castles are completed as well as 8 new bazarrs, 1 forum, and 2 great temples.  Every builder in the empire is put to work and the granaries and treasuries are emptied.  Will it be enough?

The final turn arrives and our rex victory check has failed and yet we somehow eked out a victory by lion's share.  Rellgar is scarcely 3000 points behind and Dwellomir a few hundred points behind that.  Control of Darkover continued with the 2 slept princes and the building improvements making a difference of 49,657 citizens retained.  Getting substantial in Triumvia
and breaking DU control there is also a major factor.

This has to be one of the closest finishes in Alamaze championship history.  Thanks to all of the players for a great game and of course to RY Vor and Uncle Mike for bringing us such good play balance in their creation.

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