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Team Game 5512 completed
Victory By Team (7 Regions) Is The Ranger Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-30  Grand Total

          1     RA     Windstar                  23,430      34,139
          2     TY     Strongwill                24,095      33,170
          3     AN     CosmicWizard17            17,520      24,715
          4     RD     Brek                      17,100      26,825
          5     AM     The Painted Man            8,910      17,995
          6     UN     HabeusCorpus              10,411      17,055
          7     DE     Senior Tactician           7,764      13,977
          8     DU     Wookie Panz                5,111      10,350
          9     NE     Flevis                     4,880       8,767

Congrats to all...  fun game. Congrats to my teammates Windstar and Cosmicwizard for the win
Thanks to my teammates! PTRiley gave us the vision of me (RA) going against the WA and CosmicWizard to go after the AT. We, although the latter two of us, were still new to the team game, but we persevered and thrived. I leanred a lot about the game and the team game as well. The WA gave me some problems, like taking back the regions that I had just conquered, but in the end the die was cast and we won!
Congrats to the winners.
Thanks to my two team mates, senior the planner and Brek, an awesome RD player.

We fought a really tough Painted team the whole game.  I was on the ropes with 1 pc at one point and things were back and forth.  It was a good fight.
Nice job guys.  Our DE/RD/DU fought AM/UN/NE to a brutal standstill for most of the game.  Briefly, the DE moved quickly and prevented the NE from gaining his starting region.  But almost just as quickly the AM descended from krynn landing on the RD capitol one turn before we planned to move it to a hidden town... a town which was quickly found anyway.

A major setback was the ridiculous amount of time it took to locate the UN capitol.    By comparison, when we finally started looking for the AM capitol, we found it on like the second turn of looking.  The UN defense of the sorrows water PCs was also a major hinderance.  The AM and NE groups took PCs almost as fast as the RD.  We had some setbacks with the DU regarding selecting safe places to land small groups.

Among our enemies mistakes was building a very nice fortified city for us to capture for the RD capitol, it remained there for the rest of the game.  Aside from that though, and a NE group being destroyed by a fortified town of ours, I thought they played very well.

I suspect we still had the upper hand much of the game, but could not bring the axe down to end it.  The longer the game went, the more and more we had to be careful about running out of emissaries, as the UN was very busy.

I think that not building groups with the DE earlier was a huge mistake on my part... I kept telling my team don't worry about the UN, this game will be won with groups, just keep buying ambassadors... and then I didn't build any groups myself until late in the game.  I sacrificed groups for a high level wizard to meteor strike water PCs, which the UN defended against very well until I finally got my ships built.

Clearly, we needed to send the RD to stormgate a turn earlier.  Two turns really, I guess.  But there never seemed to be a spare order to throw a recon on it.
Nice write up....


We held our own against the dream team, but we also knew the longer it went the more powerful they became. I’m not going to do the play by play but I think it would sound similar to most games.

To the Draugr/Drogo/DuPont defense, several turns before the end of the game, they went inactive, leaving Draugr pretty much alone, until he resigned also. I still think it was anyone’s contest when that happened, so please don’t heap praise on me, we got lucky against one of the most experienced teams to play a team game. None of the three are prone to dropping for any reason, so hope all is well on that front.

Like always I like to try and teach what I know, and communicate to my partners, they are both very competent in playing and will be an asset to future gaming here in Alamaze.

Again thanks for the fun, and where in the world did all those armies come from on the last play!!!!!! Lol

Ohhhh Got my first Gold in Maelstrom!!!!!! Wooot Wooot lol

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