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Tactics Introduced in The Choosing
Working to finalize the new Maelstrom update for Mike (and you), I am not seeing where we made a prominent posting of these going back to the beginning of The Choosing. So here we go:

Addendum:  3rd Cycle Tactics:
Just occurs these were not published in any conspicuous place on our websites, players may be unaware.
GENERAL:  Your group must “drive-off”, i.e., force to retreat by attacking, any defending groups of the kingdom controlling the PC, as well as the attacking force not having retreated.  In order to attack a PC at sea, your navy must not have withdrawn from naval combat.
FLANKING.  Group vs. group attack that requires the Riders trait, a Marshal or better (Marshal+) in the group, can only be done in plains or desert.  Cannot be used against another kingdom with the Riders Trait (reverts to Standard Battle Plan).  Cannot be used against an enemy group with a Warlord who is healthy (not stunned). Charge phase for flanking force is at 200%.  Enemy losses in retreat is x3.  Changes enemy Organized Withdrawal to Stand and Defend.   Own group retreat percentage is as Standard Battle Plan.  If Flanking group retreats, its own losses in retreat are 2x.  Insert at the beginning of the charge phase: “The (kingdom name of flanker) force’s cavalry swept around the (left/right) flank of the (enemy kingdom name), and successfully flanked them, disrupting their lines, and command structure.  The charge (would be quite impactful / was doubly effective) and the (enemy kingdom name) would be hard pressed to make an organized retreat should it be necessary.”  If the enemy group had issued Organized Withdrawal, provide this text next, “While (enemy commander name) had intended his force to execute an Organized Withdrawal, the flanking (kingdom name) force eliminated that possibility.”
NIGHT ATTACK.  Group vs. group attack available to Necromancer, Cimmerian, Warlock and Tyrant.  Requires a Marshal+, 2 or more veteran+ kingdom brigades, cannot be done in summer.  Causes Fear (-10% morale for enemy in battle), enemy missile phases are at -75%, own missile phases are -33%, enemy leadership values reduced 33%, enemy retreat losses are x2, enemy characters have +10 points to death chance from battle.  Order #110, Tactic 5.  Retreat as tactic 2.  “In the still of a moonless night, a sudden eruption occurred: the (kingdom name, group name) had begun a night attack!  Their enemy archers would be mostly ineffective, and fear spread through the unsuspecting camp, lowering morale.”
SUMMER / WINTER ATTACK.  Group vs. group attack ability.  Group must attack (not defend).  Summer attack is available to Nomad or Amazons in summer.  Winter available to Cimmerians or Necromancer in winter.  Only in regions effected by the season, so Summer in summer in regions 7-10, winter attack in winter in regions 1-6.  Happens automatically if kingdom, region and season qualifies – no special tactic.  Kingdom using an attacking tactic (not defense) with the advantage gets +20% to both attack and defense values and causes Fear (-10% morale for battle) to enemy if kingdom attacks at 2+.  Can stack with Flanking or Night Attack.  If there is an attack qualifying for a Winter attack, add this text before long range missile: “The (kingdom name) were widely known to be expert in executing attacks in (season: summer or winter), using the weather and climate as an ally.  The (enemy kingdom name) were unsettled at the prospect of combat this day.”

BARRAGE:  Can be used either against PC’s or groups.  Requires Siege Engineering trait, Marshal+, a veteran+ war machine brigade.  Attacker with Barrage gets 200% long range missile, +150% short range missile.  Retreat is like standard battle plan.  Use Tactic 6.  At long range missile phase, “The (barraging kingdom name) expertly set their war machines which were deadly accurate as they executed flawlessly a strong barrage, inflicting perhaps double the normal damage at range.”

FIGHT TO THE LAST:  Defensive group vs. group tactic.  Requires Stalwart, no Green Brigades, at least two Veteran Kingdom brigades, and a Marshal.  Use Tactic 7.  Is a defensive tactic (does not initiate combat), Provides an additional +15% to defense over normal defensive bonus, and retreat becomes 90%.   Cimmerian, Sacred Order, Ranger, Dwarves.  At long range missile phase, “The (kingdom name issuing tactic 7) was resolute and grim.  They would, as their proud tradition provided, Fight to the Last.  Retreat was not a consideration.”

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