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5521 Another 48 hours
(01-27-2021, 11:37 PM)HabeusCorpus Wrote: UN - RD

Greetings Dragon Lord.  I see you have lost your trading partner.  Are you interested in a Season trade of Food for Gold Trade?  30K Food for 15K Gold.  Unfortunately I cannot do more, or for longer, as the Necro Wizards were busy with their cursed Summon Death spells and I have an army to rebuild.  

It was with great satisfaction that my Agents dispatched the last of their wizards however -- they learned not to steal from the Underworld.

Let me know on the trade.



It doesn't look like the trade will work for you.  I am locking in my turn now ... if anything changes for you please let me know.  I would be open to a trade in the next season if you are interested.

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